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Transparent Tyranny


City Weekly founder John Saltas strongly condemned lawmakers who defended House Bill 477, the law that would have gutted Utah’s Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) had it not been repealed [see “GRAMA Bama,” March 24, City Weekly].

“I want some of what you were drinkin’ when you cut loose with this one!” wrote Tom, no doubt referring to Saltas’ strong choice of words, like “tyrants,” to describe several Utah lawmakers.

“This is Utah,” wrote King Stewart, “[so] we must remind ourselves hourly, that the theocracy works overtime to keep the sheep in the dark and away from troublesome knowledge of what government and the Mormon church are up to.”

Jeff Bauer said HB477 reflects poorly even on former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman.

“The more I think of [Gov. Gary] Herbert, the more I’ve come to dislike Huntsman for, 1., picking this lamebrain as lieutenant governor and, 2., for quitting the post to make the college dropout governor.”
Saltas also compared the Utah Legislature to the clueless—and beheaded—18th-century queen of France Marie Antoinette, prompting Sylvia Metos to reference Antoinette’s famous gaffe in regard to the poor and hungry: “Let them eat cake!”

Luckily, HB477 was repealed March 25—no guillotines were needed.