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Trash Town

What’s the worst kind of litter?


What’s the worst kind of litter?

Colin Wolf: Stripper glitter.

Bryan Bale: The worst kind of litter (and, indeed, the worst kind of trash) is anything that’s not biodegradable.

Alissa Dimick: Cigarettes. When I see people throw them on the street or out of their car, I want to pick them up and shove them in their pockets and scream in their faces.

Kolbie Stonehocker: All kinds, really. But I think lazily throwing cigarette butts on the ground or refusing to clean up after your dog are especially sucky acts.

Paydn Augustine: I cannot stand seeing Coke bottles anywhere. That and Styrofoam anything. I can’t deal with it.

Rachel Piper: Condoms, dead animals, broken glass, rubber gloves, discarded clothing, drug paraphernalia—so, basically everything in the alley behind the City Weekly building.

Paula Saltas: Plastic bags. Especially because they can’t be recycled.

Sarah Arnoff: All litter is pretty nasty, but the worst is when I find plastic bottles, wrappers and other trash scattered around in national and state parks. It’s extremely infuriating. Pack in, pack out is not a difficult concept.

Kecianne Shick: Used condoms on/around playground equipment always give me the chills. Think of the children, people!

Scott Fletcher: Any street litter. Is it really that hard to walk 50 feet and find a bloody rubbish bin?