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Chow Haute Asian Cuisine on the Go



Screaming yellow with a bold dragon logo on its side, the Chow food truck hit Salt Lake City streets recently during the Outdoor Retailer expo. Officially dubbed “Chow Haute Asian Cuisine on the Go,” the city’s first highend food truck is a tasty collaboration between SuAn Chow (creator of the 1990s Charlie Chow—modern Chinese formerly in Trolley Square) and chef Rosanne Ruiz. Most recently executive chef at Vinto, Ruiz is better known as the former chef/ owner of Park City’s Sage Grill, and from years as executive chef at Salt Lake City’s Capitol Café. Between the two women, the chef creds are impeccable. All signs point to their street cred being just as fine.

The Chow truck is a model of efficiency, wired for sound and configured to serve up fast, fresh food and a special blend from Ibis Coffee Roasters, the likes of which this town has never equated with a food truck. Bring your cash (only) and dig into tacos, sliders or salads served with a choice of mouthwatering coconut-lemon grass chicken, spicy panko tofu, pineapple-ginger pork or spicy beef with cilantro-chile pesto. The tender fried calamari with lemon slices and chipotle aioli is addictive, but that’s OK. This flavorful—and colorful—food is so far from typical fast food that you can actually feel great about chowing (sorry) down the entire menu—which is easy to do, given that tacos are just $2.50 each.

Chow is banking on her truck to lure patrons out of city offices and University of Utah locations by day and crowded bars, such as the Twilite Lounge, by night. Several locations are still being negotiated (no parking on public streets), but you can follow Chow on Twitter (at Chowtruck) or visit to track them day or night.

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