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True TV | 2007, Out!: The best TV of the year, suckas



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Galactica 1980
What happens when the original Battlestar Galactica crew finally reaches Earth? Believe it or not, an even lamer show …

The Kingdom
Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner kick some Saudi ass in the best terrorist-killin’ U-S-A! flick since Team America: World Police.

Resident Evil: Extinction
More zombie-blastin’ fun with Milla Jovovich and her ragtag band of Road Warrior extras as they hit the Las Vegas Strip. Or what’s left of it.

September Dawn
If you liked Paint Your Wagon, then you’ll love the Mountain Meadows Massacre choreographed to a kicky musical score! Wait, no …

Shoot ’Em Up
The most awesome movie of 2007! Clive Owen shoots! Paul Giamatti sneers! Monica Belucci lactates! Times all that by 200!

The Tudors: Season 1
The story of King Henry VIII, minus any ounce of historical accuracy, but plus a whole lotta sexy time. So it’s got that going for it.

More New DVD Releases (Dec. 26/Jan.2)
Eastern Promises, The Heartbreak Kid, IFC’s Indie Sex, Rush Hour 3, Weird Science: Season 1-2


With no new episodes of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report out there (yeah, writers’ strike), MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann has suddenly become the go-to for conservative-tweaking humor and outright Dubya bashing in the guise of “news”—and damn, it’s funny. Olbermann gets as much mileage out of Bill O’Reilly’s self-righteous huffing as Stephen Colbert; see his many “Worst Person in the World” Countdown vid posts.

Hear Bill’s past Radio From Hell podcasts at Very little blog activity at


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