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True TV | Cali Mad: Californication and Mad Men on DVD



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Dead & Gone
A luckless Hollywood actor kidnaps his rich, comatose wife with the intent of killing her in a remote cabin, only to encounter ghosts, zombies, demons and, scariest of all, Tenacious D’s Kyle Gass as a TV evangelist. Eek!

Drillbit Taylor
An Owen Wilson-esque con artist (Owen Wilson) plans to screw a pair of bullied teenagers out of their lunch money but ends up bonding with and protecting them instead. It’s the feel-nothing hit of at least the last five minutes.

Fist of the Vampire
Ex-WWE/ECW wrestler Brian “Bad Boy” Anthony and model Cheyenne King play detectives infiltrating an illegal underground fight club run by vampires! As opposed to those legal, fully licensed vampire fight clubs.

My Blueberry Nights
A café owner (Jude Law) consoles a heartbroken New Yorker (Norah Jones) with blueberry pies. Naturally, she leaves and goes on a cross-country trek, because who wants free pies? Not Norah Jones, apparently! Sheesh.

Sex & Death 101
A man (Simon Baker) gets a mysterious e-mail listing every girl he’s ever nailed, plus a list of 70 more girls he’s going to nail in the future. All’s well until a psycho serial killer shows up on the list. Don’t they always?

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