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True TV | Crazy Town: Amne$ia, Breaking Bad, Quarterlife, Men in Trees, Head Case



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Angelina Jolie, Crispin Glover and more voice the CGI fantasy epic that’ll make you forget Polar Express and the ol’ PG-13 rating.

Highlander 5: The Source
After years of practice, someone finally made the absolute worst Highlander sequel ever. Congratulations, no need for No. 6.

Hotel Babylon: Season 1
The BBC’s sexy soap about a sexy hotel full of sexy staffers and sexy guests getting into all kinds of sexy situations—sexily, natch.

Punky Brewster: Season 4
Speaking of sexy … uh, anyway: The final season, wherein spunky Punky confronts bankruptcy, scam artists and child abuse! Yow!
A silk trader (Michael Pitt) is torn between love for his wife (Keira Knightly) and lust for a Japanese warlord’s ’ho. This can’t end well.

The Smurfs: Season 1
Finally on DVD! Now, Gen-Xers everywhere can get together and reminisce: “Wow, I don’t remember it sucking that hard.”

More New DVD Releases (Feb. 26)
Bone Dry, Day Zero, Hooligans, The Last Hit Man, Newhart: Season 1, Resurrecting the Champ


Local actress/comedian Deena Marie got her 15 minutes (and 18,000-plus hits) of Internet fame recently when featured her video “The Joke” on its front page—and she has 11 more that are equally funny. Like “Diet Commercial,” wherein she not only plans to slim down to her pre-holiday weight, but her birth weight, or her as Victoria Beckham, defending David’s “trouser snake.”

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