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True TV | Reality Mall: The decline of TV civilization can be found down by the food court



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Lou Diamond Phillips and Kristin Cavallari star in a supernatural thriller about urban legends and dead careers, er, kids.

Frisky Dingo: Season 1
Supervillain Killface plots to annihilate the planet, even without a marketing plan. Then it gets weird, then uncomfortable. Pure genius.

The Invisible Man: Season 1
The less angsty, less rape-y 2000 Sci-Fi Channel version of Hollow Man, starring Vincent Ventresca as an invisible spy. Finally!

Painkiller Jane: Season 1
Covert guv’ment agent Jane Vasco (Kristanna Loken) can’t be killed. The Sci-Fi Channel thought otherwise.

The Sasquatch Gang
A fantasy geek (Justin Long) and his mullet hunt for Bigfoot. It’s like Napoleon Dynamite, but with less dancing and more swordfighting.

Wristcutters: A Love Story
A loser (Patrick Fugit) commits suicide, then wanders limbo looking for his girlfriend (Leslie Bibb). The feel-dead hit of the year

More New DVD Releases
April Fool’s Day, The Kite Runner, Loaded, Party of Five: Season 3, Sliders: Season 4


Lost: Missing Pieces
Also known as the “mobisodes” (mobile episodes for Verizon phones and the Web) the kid mentioned on the previous page, supplemental 1-to-3-minute bits of narrative that give extra insight (but not too much, of course) as to what the hell’s happening on Lost. No new Missing Pieces have been made available since February, though, so pretend they’re flashbacks. Ha!

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