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True TV | Tru Crude: Penn & Teller, Guys Choice, Two Coreys, Baby Borrowers, Black Gold



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Sexy street punk Banshee (Taryn Manning) steals the car of a techno DJ who also happens to be a serial killer; action thrills and bad, thumpy music ensue. Need it be said, “From the director of The Zebra Lounge”?

Charlie Bartlett
It’s Ferris Bueller meets Rite-Aid in the feel-numb comedy of the year! High-schooler Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin) becomes popular selling drugs and advice to classmates; Principal Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) drinks and disapproves.

Futurama: The Beast With a Billion Backs
In the second Futurama DVD movie, a tentacle monster (David Cross) from a dimensional rift enslaves mankind, Fry gets a girlfriend (Brittany Murphy) and Bender joins the League of Robots. It’s almost like … three TV episodes!

The Hammer
Adam Carolla stars in the sweet comedy about an Adam Carolla-esque carpenter struggling to make it as a boxer who acts a lot like Adam Carolla. So, for all of your Adam Carolla needs, get The Hammer … Adam Carolla.

In Bruges
Two Irish hit men (Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson) lay low in the Belgian town Bruges after a job goes bad, make unconvincing tourists and question their own morality/mortality—oh, and it’s a comedy. Far as can be told through the accents.

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