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True TV: Zero Worship

Heroes, snakes, burn-offs and English muffins.


n n n
n Anita
Swedish sexploitation classic from 1994 about a young girl who must be cured of her nymphomania—but why? (

Harvey Birdman: Season 3
The last stand of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, the greatest lawyer in the history of TV. He could easily defend nymphomania. (

The Host
The new standard for Korean mutant-monster films. Unaware of the old standard? You’re a dumb American, as depicted here. (

The Number 23
Jim Carrey goes nuts over a number and takes Virginia Madsen’s career down with him. Makes for a good drinking game, though. (

The Secrets of Isis:
n Seasons 1 & 2
The ’70s Saturday-morning TV superheroine who could fly and fight crime in a miniskirt and Egyptian stripper boots! Yay! (

Weeds: Season 2
The Showtime series about a pot-dealing suburban mom gets even better (and darker), and Mary Louise Parker is cooler than Isis. (

More New DVD Releases (July 24)
Benson: Season 1, Cash Back, The Contract, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, The Long Weekend, Shadow Puppets, Slow Burn, Spawn: The Animated Collection, Stargate SG-1: Season 10, Sugar Creek, The Ultimate Underdog Collection

n The Two Coreys
You knew it was coming: The reality-TV reunion of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim—the only surprise is that it’s on A&E, not VH1. The Two Coreys debuts Sunday, July 29, but why wait till then to see yet more humiliated ’80s stars? Watch the seven-minute trailer online … and avoid the series entirely. Trust me. You’re welcome. (

Listen to Bill Mondays at 8 a.m. on X96’s Radio From Hell. Corey-free blogging at

Who Wants to Be a Superhero?
Thursday, July 26
Season Premiere: Marvel Comics legend-turned-comic-flick-punch-line Stan Lee—or his animated corpse, tough call—presides over another round of adults in superhero drag competing for “immortality” (i.e., their own comic book), with a standard-issue elimination every week cloaked in allusions to “good” and “honor” (a change of reality-house pace from “Well, at least, you didn’t get drunk and piss on your roommate”). Wackiest hero: Mr. Mitzvah, who “deflects attacks with his Star of David paddle.” Hottest hero: Basura, who “turns trash into treasure and reshapes rubbish into robots.” Snubbed hero: Homeless Man, who was cut in the first round. Not kidding. Excelsior!

I Hate My 30s
Thursday, July 26
Series Debut: An “irreverent,” “absurd” and “ironic” comedy about “relatable problems.” This must have been a hit at the VH1 programming meeting … in 1995. With a pitch like—this is for real—“You may not learn much from I Hate My 30s, but you’re sure to laugh at the misfortune of your friends as they’re devastated by the realization that the life they’ve imagined is but a faint and fading dream slowly escaping their reach as they sink deeper and deeper into the quicksand of real life.” All that’s missing are Zima gags and a theme song by Filter. Too bad it can’t touch the comedy of …

Saturday, July 28
From the director of Mansquito! Reportedly, former Stargate SG-1 star and Canadian Michael Shanks agreed to headline Megasnake solely to obtain a new U.S. work visa, not because he believed the film would be a cinematic tour de force—hello? Mike? Mansquito! This one is about a giant snake that eats people in the Deep South. If you need more reason than that to tune in, you’re as dead to me as Michael Shanks.

My Boys
Monday, July 30
Return: Now that TBS is posting ridiculously high summer ratings with half-assed sitcoms like The Bill Engvall Show and Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, My Boys looks almost edgy—but only almost. When last we left the romantic comedy about female sportswriter P.J. (Jordana Spiro), who spends more time hanging out with her guy pals than writing about sports, things were getting sexy and awkward (oh, the redundancy) between her and one of those platonic guy pals—can’t remember which one, since they all look the same except for her brother (oh, the albino-cy).

The Nine
Wednesday, Aug. 1
Return: Remember this? The mystery serial about nine hostage-crisis survivors harboring all kinds of secrets designed to unfold over an intense 22-episode season? Yeah, you’re getting 13 and no plot resolution—which may not matter, since The Nine has been off the air since November and even the fans (numbering slightly more than nine) probably don’t recall what the hell was going on. Recap: Killer pilot episode, followed by six progressively lamer ones, then cancellation. Now there are six more. Happy burn-off!

Footballers Wives
Wednesday, Aug. 1
(BBC America)
Series Finale: Unfortunately, the most addictively insane soap opera since the days of Dynasty (Sex! Murder! Sex! Kidnapping! Sex! Serial marriage! Sex! No actual soccer!) ends here, and not gracefully—American television doesn’t have a lock on premature cancellation. Likewise, Footballers Wives may have climaxed early a few episodes back when revenge-crazed Amber dressed up as a warrior goddess and attempted to blow Bruno’s head off with a shotgun at a cocktail party (top that, Grey’s Anatomy). Now ABC’s remaking the series stateside. Let’s hope they don’t cock it up and add … soccer.