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Twilight Concerts Series 2010 lineup gets mixed reviews



Salt Lake City’s Twilight Concert Series cemented itself as a juggernaut years ago, a status that justifies a rigorous critique of the annual series’ lineup [see “Twilight Concert Series Lineup Announced,”, April 29]. At least, our online commenters seem to think so.

“Why is everyone saying this is a stellar lineup?” wondered Eric. “Am I the only one aware that this is [a] hipster’s dream but everyone else … is SOL?” Wildly popular DJ GirlTalk uses frequent doses of hip-hop, but no straight-up hiphop acts are on the schedule, a frequent complaint among commenters.

“... [A] a live hip-hop band that rarely comes to SLC otherwise (The Roots, De La Soul, Q Tip, etc.) totally would have been a better option than a DJ [GirlTalk] to represent the only hip-hop on lineup,” wrote Steph.

An anonymous commenter said reggae, jazz or “bluegrass, even” would round out the schedule nicely by adding some diversity of styles to the schedule.

Rant Control agrees with the hip-hop complaint in particular, but I’m very excited to see more than half of these acts. Overall, I’m with Barbara Lindley.

“This lineup is amazing,” she wrote. “I thought it could not get better from last year or the year before, but [I’ve] ceased to be amazed. Thank you, thank you, thank you Twilight Concert Series!”

Jesse Fruhwirth: