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Twilight Music Girls

Local interviews, 140 characters at a time.


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Disclaimer: I’ve never read Twilight or watched the films; my research for this story didn’t go any farther than Wikipedia and a fanatic named Kandi.

If you love Twilight and fantasy, then the Twilight Music Girls is the band for you. Their album La Tua Cantante is all songs about Bella and the boys.

I listened TMG’s musicnot my thingbut neither are sparkly vampires and virgin cock-teasers. TMG’s fantasy sound is less than inspiring. Then again, if you live for fantasy, the kind where a romance novel inspires five theater geeks to write and perform songs about girls that love vampires, then who cares what they sound like? It’s all fantasy.

The Los Angeles band performed at the Twilight: Eclipse premiere at Jordan Commons June 29. Tweeting for TMG is Mallory Trunnell who plays the piano and guitar for the group.

@MartyFoy So what is it? What is so great about Twilight that you girls formed a band based on this series?

@TMGmusic Well I think that “it” is that Stephenie Meyer created characters that are so easy for girls especially to relate to and as

@TMGmusic as a musician, you write about what inspires you. Particularly in the case of Twilight, it is the love story we’ve found (cont)

@TMGmusic so inspiring. There’s just this incredible amount of emotion wrapped up in these characters.

@MartyFoy How did the @TMGmusic project come together?

@TMGmusic the 5 of us knew each other from playing out in LA on the singer/songwriter scene

@MartyFoy Tell me about the Eclipse premiere and playing for the 15,000 Twi-hards at Jordon Commons?

@TMGmusic it’s incredible to play for so many people who are so passionate. Really there are no words to describe it!

@MartyFoy La Tua Cantante, the album is all about Twilight. Are you worried about running out of material to write songs about

@TMGmusic No way! We all have our own thing going on outside of this project and music is our passion, but as far as twilight goes we

@TMGmusic will keep writing and playing as long as people want to listen. We’ve been lucky so far!

@MartyFoy Kandi told me that Bella’s blood sings to Edward. Is that true? Sounds gruesome.

@TMGmusic Haha. Well yes, apparently the ‘scent’ of her blood affects Edward so intensely that it’s a constant battle not to kill her.

@MartyFoy Yeah, you’re right it is a constant battle to not kill her.

@MartyFoy Bella seems to like it rough – vampires and werewolves – how do the girls of @TMGmusic like it?

@TMGmusic Well we can relate to Bella of course, but Rough, Tough, Fast, Sweet, or Slow: it’s all good if it’s Rock N Roll! (Hehehe.)

@MartyFoy Agree/disagree? Is @TMGmusic milking the popularity of Twilight for your own benefit?

@TMGmusic Well, we put everything together before the first movie came out, we had no idea how popular it would be. But we can’t deny

@TMGmusic that is has been really awesome to have the journey we’ve had. Milking it? I don’t think so. Enjoying it? Definitely.

@MartyFoy In a 140 characters or less describe Bella’s journey to Edward.

@TMGmusic Girl moves to Forks, WA, meets brooding undead lad. Her blood sings to him, they fall in love, break up, make up, & get married ;)

@MartyFoy Good to know I’m not missing anything.

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