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TwitterView: DATA/BOOTY

We tweet. They answer. You learn.


Local producers Nolens Volens, //, NJ Foster and nonnon collectively created a new album under the name DATA/BOOTY, and it is an electronic “let me take you on a booty ride” record released on the the digital label MSSV. I talked to //, aka Jonathon Higley, one of producers featured, about nasty lyrics and throbbing beats.

@MartyFoy: Ring, ring, @mssvmusic are you out there?

@mssvmusic: Hello!

@MartyFoy: I listened to DATA/BOOTY—it's energetic, a real booty bouncer. Describe your sound, style and technique.

@mssvmusic: The Hyphy al la Booty Bounce recipe calls for 145 beats per minute, 808 and 909 drums; crispy synths and nasty lyrics.

@MartyFoy: For those who don't know, what is Chicago booty house?

@mssvmusic: Chicago was the birthplace for Booty in the 90s. Producers passed their raw, speedy tapes to strippers and juke promoters

@MartyFoy: So booty house is nasty music for strippers... Anybody else? How have locals responded to the album?

@mssvmusic: The summer is all about the booty! Locals love it and we're starting to throw booty parties

@MartyFoy: How many collaborators worked on the album? How does your website work to collect submissions?

@mssvmusic: 4 producers, 6 online submissions, and 8 locals are on the record. We listen to every submission made via the dropbox on the site!

@MartyFoy: How is your label MSSV distinctive from other dance/techno/electro labels?

@mssvmusic: The difference is in our multi-format digital release concept. People can buy, download, use and remix any MSSV release under CC.

@MartyFoy: So every album has 3 different release types. What's that all about? Digital Download? Digital Plus? Digital Pro?

@mssvmusic: dD is a set-your-own-price 128kb MP3; dPlus is 320kb MP3s goodies; and dPro is uncompressed WAVs, track stems, midi's goodies!

@mssvmusic: We also release in tangible formats like cassette or CD for special releases, compilations, and full-length albums.

@MartyFoy: Digital Pro? Elaborate... Who buys the dPro?

@mssvmusic: dPro caters to the professional DJ, committed aspiring DJ, or audiophile who needs an uncompressed audio format...

@mssvmusic:'s also for producers and remixers who want to get their hands on acapellas and separated tracks from our releases.

@MartyFoy: Back to the music. Are there any Chicago booty house acts/albums that inspired you? What sparked your interest in this genre?

@mssvmusic: Inspiration came from Blaqstarr, Disco D, DJ Deeon, and the godfather: DJ Funk. You can hear a lot of em on a free mixtape on MSSV

@MartyFoy: Who are the four local producers featured on DATA/BOOTY? What can one expect from a live performance?

@mssvmusic: DATA/BOOTY is Nolens Volens, //, NJ Foster, and nonnon.

@mssvmusic: A live show is all about getting in touch with your nasty. Come ready for heavy bass, wild performances and our 6 ft booty mascot!

@MartyFoy: Thanks for the interview @mssvmusic. One last question, what's the deal with your YouTube video? I'm amazed a censor hasn't deleted that.

@mssvmusic: That video is actually just a series of found YouTube clips and fun editing...MSSV just gave that twerk a soundtrack!

Definition: Twerk. According to, “shakin yo ass.”

Watch Nolens Volens and // in this video produced for the 2010 CWMA music awards.
Marty Foy: