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Unwelcome Train



I was browsing through a past issue today and saw the Hits & Misses column title “Trolley to Nowhere” [July 11, City Weekly].

People are still thinking that this is going to be a quaint little trolley going down 1100 East. Unless they make a dramatic change from what comes up through my neighborhood along the old rail lines just off of 2100 South to Sugar House, it’s going to be a train.

I went to the neighborhood meeting they had here and it was being called a trolley. When I asked the very direct question, “What is it?” the answer was, “Oh, actually it is going to be a train, just like the one along 300 West.” Next question, “Is it going to be noisy?” “Oh, yeah, real noisy.”

No “hopping on,” no “quaint,” no anything that this wording is making the community think it is.

We have had a bunch of people already sell their homes and move away because of what they learned at our local meeting.

South Salt Lake