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UTA Is Indifferent



Utah Transit Authority spends an average of $260,000 a year on lobbyists. UTA pays $610,000 for the UTA Board of Trustees to travel the world. John Inglish’s severance-package total was $364,406. Inglish will receive a lifetime $200,000 pension.

Taxpayers’ dollars would be better spent on a good bus system to help reduce the need for paratransit and serve more people. UTA has hurt hundreds of people because of the destruction of the bus system. People have lost jobs; there are also many individuals who have lost their independence. The decrease in bus routes has caused more need for food stamps and Medicaid, more people going to the food bank and more homelessness. Taking buses out of neighborhoods also increases poverty and crime.

UTA has a very inefficient bus system; 90 percent of Salt Lake County residents cannot leave their vehicles at home and take public transit.

South Salt Lake City