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Utah Dems: On to Victory!

8 sure signs of impending success



Eight signs that Utah Democrats really have a chance to win this year:

8. Utah Democratic Party chairman Jim Dabakis has his own AM radio show, which reaches dozens of shut-ins every Saturday morning.

7. Remember redistricting? Democrats are still going to maybe do something about that.

6. The vibes have been, like, totally positive at the Sunday drum circle this month.

5. Utah Republicans might be too weak from fasting for Mitt Romney to make it to the polls.

4. Area 7-Elevens are running low on blue Obama coffee cups … so, that’s something.

3. The Utah Democratic Party’s full-time, salaried astrologer says Mercury will be retrograde Nov. 6, so anything could happen.

2. Mia Love’s alleged sex appeal is no match for Jim Matheson’s hot new skinny-cut Dockers.

1. A complete Republican sweep of the state is against the Constitution or something … isn’t it?

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