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Utah Grandmothers' Grocery Store Offerings

Dr. Grandma’s Whole Wheat Muffin Mix, Grandma Tina’s Sauce & Grandma Della’s Garden Relish


Whether it’s a function age, kitchen experience or both, Utah grandmothers are known to offer up some diverse and delicious culinary offerings. When perusing grocery stores for local products, keep an eye out for these goods:

Dr. Grandma’s Whole Wheat Muffin Mix (1.4 pounds, $8.99): Not actually a doctor, Provo-based founder Joyce Bunderson is a registered dietitian, holding a master’s degree in public health. She is also a grandma—32 times over. After helping manage her husband’s diabetes with home-ground whole-wheat products, including 36-year-old pancake and muffin recipes, she went to market with the mantra “Good health can be yummy.” The whole-wheat batches—with natural, calorie-free fruit sweeteners and olive oil—include everything except water for sumptuous, healthy breakfast snacks.

Grandma Tina’s Sauce (24 ounces, $5.99): The original Grandma Tina passed away, but her legacy lives on through granddaughter and namesake Tina Bean, co-owner of Kanab’s Grandma Tina’s Cafe. Originally opened in Panguitch in 1991, but relocated soon after, the café specializes in Old World Italian fare. Yet, it wasn’t until last year that their staple red sauce—more aptly called gravy—was marketed in stores. The thick, sweet sauce is typically Italian—loads of sugar to reduce tomato acid—and is versatile enough for pastas, pizza or lasagna.

Grandma Della’s Garden Relish (13 ounces $5.99) These are actually mustard pickles—garden vegetables in sweet, tangy mustard—but the FDA only categorizes mustard, pickles or relish, so Della Enterprise owner Greg Paxton went with relish. Mustard pickles, a European recipe, were favored by 19th-century Mormon pioneers and also by Greg’s Grandma Della, born 1895. She passed her recipe to Paxton, a West Jordan entrepreneur, who now makes the succulent sauce that’s great on everything from sandwiches to brats.