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Utah House & Senate Shout-Out


Is there anyone you like or appreciate in the Utah House or Senate? Why?

Bill Frost: Jon J. Grenier, District 18 (Davis and Weber counties). He rocks a manly Deadwood mustache.

Derek Carlisle: I absolutely appreciate our senators and members of the House. They give this paper a just cause and reason to say what everyone else thinks.

Paula Saltas: The white Republican guy. He does fine work.

Susan Kruithof: I am woefully uninformed about our state Legislature. I can say that I cannot believe any state in the nation would ever nominate Chris Buttars. But, if it had to be one state ...

Lara Grant: Oh, definitely Chris Buttars! I appreciate the hell out of his sullen disposition, hoglike facial expressions, and uncanny ability to crack me up with every word.

Jesse Fruhwirth: Though some are definitely well-intentioned, I choose to assess and monitor—rather than appreciate—the enzymes inside the belly of the beast.

Jerre Wroble: My new state senator, Ben McAdams. He ended up being my district’s Christmas present, courtesy of Democratic delegates. I hope he makes me like him, but just today, he shelved his gay-friendly wrongful-death bill. It’s early to be a compromiser, Ben.

Josh Loftin: The sergeants-at-arms, aka the “green coats” and “blue coats,” who give away loads of tasty taffy. They’re like the grumpy neighbors who eventually help you fix your car, once you figure out how not to piss them off.

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