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Utah Jazz Home Opener vs. Phoenix Suns

Thueday Oct. 28 @ EnergySolutions Arena



It may take Jazz fans a few games to get used to who has come and gone in the past five months. Ashton Kutcher doppelganger Kyle Korver took his unstoppable hair to Chicago. Carlos Boozer also moved to the Windy City, so Jazz fans will have to direct their anger at the other astronomically paid, seemingly always-injured player still on the roster—Andrei Kirilenko. Indications are he might not be around for long if Jazz management can find a place to dump his salary.

However, those losses hopefully will be made up for by the summer free-agent harvest, which brought low-post scoring machine Al Jefferson to SLC along with the ultra-intense Raja Bell, best known as the guy who once clotheslined Kobe Bryant. Utah was also able to draft Gordon Hayward, who looks like he’s old enough to be passing the sacrament at a local LDS wardhouse but is actually a baby-faced shooting assassin.

Utah Jazz home opener vs. Phoenix Suns @ EnergySolutions Arena, 301 W. South Temple, 801-355-7328, Oct. 28, 8:30 p.m., $8-$154. NBA.com/Jazz