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Utah Museum of Natural History Bug Brigade

Friday July 9



Are there budding entomologists (insect scientists, for the unversed) in your family who enjoy catching bugs with their bare hands and peering at them, wide-eyed, in a Mason jar? Christy Bills—Utah Museum of Natural History’s resident entomologist—notes, “Observing insects is the first natural-history scientific exploration most kids engage in. Plus, kids can relate to bugs: They are bright, they’re small and they are infinitely busy ... just like children!” Catering to those curious about magnificent insects, spiders and other creepy (or not, depending on your sensibilities) crawlies, the “Bug Brigade” event is open to children and adults alike who have a hankering for bugs. Participants learn about bug anatomy and behavior, how crit ters adapt to their environment and the important roles bugs play in ecosystems.

Come watch as bugs like the Madagascar hissing cockroach, pinktoe tarantula and desert millipede slither, wriggle and scurry up the arms of the museum’s bug experts.

Bug Brigade @ Utah Museum of Natural History, 1390 E. Presidents Circle, University of Utah, 801-581-6927, July 9, 2-4 p.m.

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