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100 things you ought to know about Utah.



If you’ve lived here for more than two years, and possibly even one, you probably think you know the place. But like the years that progress in a marriage, sooner or later we’re all shocked by the little bits of information we weren’t privy to from the beginning. Like layers of opaque cellophane, the world reveals itself with each new peel. It can be kinda gross; it can be kinda fascinating. Mostly it’s fun.

AnswersPEOPLE1. b. Faye Dunaway2. c. Mark Twain3. a. Orrin Hatch4. b. O.J. Simpson5. a. Gary Gilmore6. a. Gordon B. Hinckley’s7. b. Colleen Hutchins8. c. Trent Harris9. b. Sen. Jake Garn 10. b. Scott Matheson, 1977-198511. c. Mike Leavitt12. c. Democratic Party13. a. Stephen King14. b. Butch Cassidy15. b. Philo T. Farnsworth16. d. Westminster College17. b. Rape counselor18. b. Joe Hill19. c. Herman Franks20. c. Appearing on The Andy Williams Show HISTORY21. a. A study group of church leaders started by Joseph Smith22. a. Joseph Smith’s dog23. c. An organization of African-American Mormons24. d. Simon Bamberger25. d. B.H. Roberts, because he was a polygamist26. c. Coal27. a. Soil physics and agronomy28. c. Brigham Young29. c. The six orders of the Mormon priesthood30. b. 196331. a. Hark Lay, Oscar Crosby and Green Flake32. d. Greek33. b. Danes34. b. A cooperative economic system adopted in several Utah communities in the late 19th century35. c. High place36. c. Zion’s Cooperative Mercantile Institution37. a. 191638. b. 1857; President Buchanan sent a military escort to install a federally appointed governor39. c. Roman Catholic 40. d. Alphabet 41. d. Outlawed cohabitation42. a. Deseret43. b. John C. Fremont44. d. All of the above45. a. Mormon tea46. c. 70 percent47. b. Public breast-feeding48. a. Feel49. a. 1870, granted by the Utah Territorial Legislature50. c. Literacy rate51. b. Claiming to have been a beneficiary in Howard Hughes’ will52. c. Valley Tan53. d. All of the above54. a. The Masons55. d. No one knows for sure ENTERTAINMENT56. d. All of the above57. c. Darva Conger58. b. Arthur Conan Doyle59. c. The Great Brain60. c. Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family61. c. Not really from Utah62. c. Wasatch63. c. South Park64. a. 197165. b. Salt Lake Underground66. b. DOD/Digitech Electronics67. b. Salt Flat News68. c. Back in ’82 some schmuck pegged Edge with a beer bottle69. d. Angels and Seagulls70. c. Knight Rider71. c. 7272. b. Utah Grizzlies73. b. Roseanne 74. b. Karl Malone75. c. The Salt Lake Tribune76. c. A Utah scone is fried in oil while a British scone is baked PLACES77. b. King’s Peak78. c. No, it used to be Fillmore79. d. 65 percent80. c. Across from a brothel81. d. Megaplex at Jordan Commons82. d. All of the above 83. c. Radio City Lounge 84. c. Corrine 85. b. Park West86. a. The Terrace87. b. The Blue Mouse 88. b. Murray 89. c. Lemuel90. b. Golf courses91. d. Tarvisio, Italy92. b. 39 minutes93. d. 1,30094. d. Kentucky Fried Chicken95. c. Because Brigham Young sent a delegation there to establish a “cotton mission” during the Civil War96. a. Logan97. b. A word created by weather-wonk Mark Eubank to describe a particular Utah wind98. d. Matthew Caldwell99. d. Snowbird100. a. Uranium miningUTrivia: It’s Time To Score100-90: The great unwashed stand aside as you walk down the street. After every state historian has paid you due respect as an oracle of Utah knowledge, you sit majestically on your throne, basking in a blinding light of wisdom that shines from Bear Lake to St. George. You no doubt know every state secret of the past, passing or to come. 89-80: You are a bona fide Utah trivia buff, even if your workout regimen isn’t as tight as it once was. Nevertheless, Utah’s vast share of knowledge calls for you by the window at night. You respond with a knowing look and hearty kisses. It is your true love, even you’ve fallen just a bit shy of majestic, rapturous consummation. 79-70: Pretty darned good. Heck if we don’t say so ourselves. 69-60: OK, then. You’ve got a good handle on all things Utah, but perhaps you’re a little ashamed of being so poor in the ways of this state after years and years of hanging around. 59-50: You’re at least halfway to nowhere on the scale. ’Preciate the effort, though.49-40: Steady on there, Jedediah. Maybe you should let the sister-wives help out. 39-30: Now that’s just pathetic! Do you actually hear people in conversation? Try cleaning the peanut butter out of your ears. 29-0: Get thee behind me, Satan! And don’t expect any help from a car with Utah plates on your hitchhike outta here!


1. What famous actress attended Dugway High School?

a. Jennifer Anniston

b. Faye Dunaway

c. Sally Fields

d. Darva Conger

2. Who described The Book of Mormon as “chloroform in print?”

a. Merrill Cook

b. Winston Churchill

c. Mark Twain

d. Jay Leno

3. Which notable Utahn gained renown on his mission for healing people by the laying on of hands?

a. Orrin Hatch

b. Larry H. Miller

c. Mike Leavitt

d. Jay Shelledy

4. Who was recruited to play football at the University of Utah?

a. Joe Montana

b. O.J. Simpson

c. Rocky Anderson

d. Gordon B. Hinckley

5. Whose dying words were, “Let’s do it.”

a. Gary Gilmore

b. Frank Joklik

c. Wilford Woodruff

d. Loretta Young

6. Mark Hoffman, forger and murderer, had whose private home telephone number?

a. Gordon B. Hinckley’s

b. Della Reese’s

c. Merlin Olson’s

d. Juan Antonio Samaranch’s

7. Who was the first Miss America from Utah?

a. Ellen Mitchell

b. Colleen Hutchins

c. Debbie Fields

d. Sharlene Wells

8. This local filmmaker is noteworthy for writing and directing Rubin & Ed

a. Ed Harris

b. Crispin Clover

c. Trent Harris

d. Ken Sanders

9. Which Utah politician said of a comment from Jesse Jackson, “Let’s call a spade a spade”?

a. Sen. Orrin Hatch

b. Sen. Jake Garn

c. Gov. Calvin Rampton

d. Gov. Mike Leavitt

10. Utah’s last Democratic governor was

a. Herbert Brown Maw, 1941-1949

b. Scott Matheson, 1977-1985

c. Calvin Rampton, 1965-1977

d. Yeah, right

11. What ailment that cripples fish was first identified in the fish farms of what popular Utah governor?

a. Norm Bangerter

b. J. Bracken Lee

c. Mike Leavitt

d. Lane Beattie

12. Sen. Orrin Hatch has been a member of all of these organizations except


b. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

c. Democratic Party

d. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

13. What national personality quipped, “What do you call Utah soul food? Jell-O with carrots.”

a. Stephen King

b. Ewan McGregor

c. Dennis Rodman

d. Carmen Electra

14. What famous Utah outlaw hid out in Southern Utah?

a. Joe Hill

b. Butch Cassidy

c. Ted Bundy

d. Mark Hoffman

15. Which Utahn invented the television?

a. Parley P. Pratt

b. Philo T. Farnsworth

c. Heber B. Hansen

d. Marty Stephens

16. Other than the San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers, where did George Siefert coach football?

a. University of Utah

b. BYU

c. Weber State

d. Westminster College

17. Prior to his execution for sexually assaulting and murdering women in Utah, Florida and Washington, what was among Ted Bundy’s former occupations?

a. Pizza delivery man

b. Rape counselor

c. Employee of the LDS church

d. Professional jeweler

18. What famous labor leader was convicted of murder and shot by firing squad in Salt Lake City in 1915?

a. Samuel Gompers

b. Joe Hill

c. Jimmy Hoffa

d. Gunn Mckay

19. What Utahn managed two major-league baseball teams?

a. Gene Fullmer

b. LaDell Anderson

c. Herman Franks

d. Ron Boone

20. How did Utah heartthrob Donny Osmond get his start?

a. Opening for Credence Clearwater Revival

b. Singing on The Mitch Miller Show

c. Appearing on The Andy Williams Show

d. Singing with his brothers off Broadway


21. What is the “School of the Prophets?”

a. A study group of church leaders started by Joseph Smith

b. An informal association of businessmen who offer instruction in setting up pyramid schemes

c. A three-day seminar attended by new Mormon missionaries at BYU

d. An exclusive club comprised of former Mormon bishops

22. Who is “Old Major?”

a. Joseph Smith’s dog

b. Karl Malone’s nickname

c. Steve Young’s term of affection for his new bride

d. Brigham Young’s private name for his penis

23. What is the “Genesis Group?”

a. A church genealogical association

b. A gay pride club

c. An organization of African-American Mormons

d. A barbershop quartet made up of retired police officers

24. Utah’s only Jewish governor was

a. George Clyde

b. J. Bracken Lee

c. Eugene Jelesnik

d. Simon Bamberger

25. Who was denied a seat in the U.S House of Representatives?

a. Reed Smoot, because he was a Mormon apostle

b. Allan Howe, because he had been arrested for soliciting a prostitute

c. Orson Pratt, because he wasn’t wearing shoes

d. B.H. Roberts, because he was a polygamist

26. What is the state rock of Utah?

a. Quartz

b. Granite

c. Coal

d. Turquoise

27. Utah scholars in the 20th century dominated which field of study?

a. Soil physics and agronomy

b. Logical positivism

c. Human sexual response

d. History of religion

28. Who played the role of the high priest in a Mormon production of Pizzaro?

a. Wilford Brimley

b. Wilford Woodruff

c. Brigham Young

d. Robert Redford

29. What do the six spires on the Salt Lake City LDS Temple represent?

a. The six levels of exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom

b. The six oxen that pulled Brigham Young’s cart into the valley

c. The six orders of the Mormon priesthood

d. The six toes on Brigham Young’s 27th wife

30. Utah repealed its law banning mixed racial marriages in what year?

a. 1978

b. 1963

c. 1889

d. 1998

31. The first pioneer group to enter the valley in 1847 included three African-Americans. Their names were

a. Hark Lay, Oscar Crosby and Green Flake

b. Chip Lay, Bud Weed and Bill Cosby

c. David Benoit, Karl Malone and Billy McGill

d. Gladys Knight, Della Reese and LL Cool J

32. The largest group of immigrants in Utah mining towns were

a. Welsh

b. Italian

c. Goshute

d. Greek

33. Which Mormon immigrant group believed they had a special dispensation to sip coffee and slug down homemade beer?

a. Swiss

b. Danes

c. Irish

d. Samoans

34. The United Order of Enoch refers to

a. A secret fraternal organization at Brigham Young University

b. A cooperative economic system adopted in several Utah communities in the late 19th century

c. A political party organized by Lorenzo Enoch, the illegitimate son of Brigham Young

d. A barnstorming baseball team that toured Utah during the Great Depression

35. What is the meaning of the word Ute (the tribe of American Indians for whom this state is named)?

a. Salt

b. Desert

c. High place

d. Land of no return

36. What do the letters ZCMI, the name of Utah’s first department store, stand for?

a. Zion’s Culinary Masters Institute

b. Zeezrom, Cornwell and Matheson, Inc.

c. Zion’s Cooperative Mercantile Incorporated

d. Zion’s Coming, Mormons Invited

37. When did the University of Utah men’s basketball team win its first national championship?

a. 1916

b. 1945

c. 1877

d. 1973

38. What year did the Utah War start, and what was its cause?

a. 1847; a group of Mormon pioneers fearing for their lives dressed as Indians and slaughtered a group of non-Mormon pioneers crossing the Utah territory

b. 1857; President Buchanan sent a military escort to install a federally appointed governor

c. 1871; large groups of protestors showed up to speak out against the dedication of the first Catholic Church in Utah and violence erupted, lasting nearly two weeks

d. 1854; leagues of grasshoppers attacked Utah crops but were then miraculously devoured by swarms of hungry seagulls

39. After the LDS church, which church has the second-largest membership in Utah?

a. Episcopal

b. Southern Baptist

c. Roman Catholic

b. Scientology

40. Brigham Young had plans to give his Mormon flock a new kind of

a. Welfare system

b. Housing system for multiple wives

c. Energy source

d. Alphabet

41. Due to the difficulties in prosecuting polygamy, the U.S. Senate passed the Edmunds Act, which

a. Banned Mormonism

b. Enacted a “sanctity of marriage” act

c. Authorized a bounty on Utahns wearing gingham dresses or beards

d. Outlawed cohabitation

42. This name, preferred by locals, was rejected when Utah was admitted into the union.

a. Deseret

b. Zion

c. Nephi

d. Uinta

43. The Great Salt Lake was discovered by

a. Father Escalante

b. John C. Fremont

c. Brigham Young

d. Captain B.L.E. Bonneville

44. Orrin Porter Rockwell …

a. Killed more than 100 men

b. Was Brigham Young’s bodyguard

c. Was Joseph Smith’s bodyguard

d. All of the above

45. Which is not an official state symbol?

a. Mormon tea

b. Indian rice grass

c. Dutch oven

d. Allosaurus

46. What percentage of Utahns identify themselves as LDS?

a. 33 percent

b. 55 percent

c. 70 percent

d. 85 percent

47. Which of the following is not specifically prohibited by the Utah State Criminal Code?

a. Oral sex between a husband and a wife

b. Public breast-feeding

c. Burning a U.S. flag

d. Participating in an “ultimate fighting” contest

48. The correct phonetic pronunciation of the word “feel” is

a. Feel

b. Fail

c. Fell

d. Fill

49. Women first had the right to vote in Utah in

a. 1870, granted by the Utah Territorial Legislature

b. 1885, granted by the Deseret Parliament

c. 1896, granted by the U.S. Congress

d. 1920, granted by constitutional amendment

50. As of 1999, Utah ranked first in the United States in

a. Birth rate

b. Life expectancy

c. Literacy rate

d. All of the above

51. Willard resident Melvin Dumar was best known for

a. Claiming to have found additional documents of Mormon scripture

b. Claiming to have been a beneficiary in Howard Hughes’ will

c. Holding hostages in a Salt Lake County library

d. Writing the song “Leader of the Pack”

52. What well-known alcoholic beverage circulated throughout the Salt Lake Valley during the pioneer era?

a. Brigham’s Bourbon

b. Celestial Seabreeze

c. Valley Tan

d. The Mormon Martini

53. Utah has a national reputation as being

a. The white-collar crime capital

b. The Prozac capital

c. The Family Values state

d. All of the above

54. What famous fraternal organization claimed the beehive as a symbol of industry long before Utah?

a. The Masons

b. The Rotarians

c. The Oddfellows

d. The Shriners

55. How many wives did Brigham Young have?

a. 19

b. 29

c. 56

d. No one knows for sure


56. Which of the following groups performed at Lagoon?

a. The Rolling Stones

b. Peter, Paul and Mary

c. Herman and the Hermits

d. All of the above

57. Which celebrity fulfilled military service in Utah?

a. O.J. Simpson

b. Regis Philbin

c. Darva Conger

d. Rick Rockwell

58. Which famous mystery author wrote about the Mormons in Study in Scarlet?

a. Rod Decker

b. Arthur Conan Doyle

c. Sue Grafton

d. Orson Scott Card

59. What popular series of children’s books was set in Utah?

a. Harry Potter

b. Children’s Illustrated Book of Mormon Stories

c. The Great Brain

d. Encyclopedia Brown

60. Which USA Network TV series is filmed (and set) in Salt Lake City?

a. La Femme Nikita

b. Strip Poker

c. Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family

d. Missionary Bike Cops 2000

61. Techno band Utah Saints, who had a ’90s club hit with “James Brown is Dead,” are

a. Still cranking out hits

b. Actually anointed Saints

c. Not really from Utah

d. Not really very talented

62. What was Utah’s first locally brewed commercial beer?

a. Uinta

b. Squatter’s

c. Wasatch

d. Brigham Brau

63. What animated TV show declared Mormonism the world’s one true religion?

a. King of the Hill

b. God, the Devil & Bob

c. South Park

d. Pokémon

64. KALL radio personality Tom Barberi has been on the air in Utah since

a. 1971

b. 1983

c. 1967

d. Brigham Young arrived with his magic boombox

65. Local music ’zine SLUG’s acronym stands for

a. Smells Like Ugly Girls

b. Salt Lake Underground

c. Sagging Limp Uncircumcised Genitals

d. Skillfully Lobbing Unfriendly Grenades

66. What popular guitar effects company launched (and still resides) in Utah?

a. Fuzzbox Emporium

b. DOD/Digitech Electronics

c. Beehive Blasterworks

d. Christiansen Universal Noise Technologies

67. What was Utah’s first alternative newspaper?

a. The Catalyst

b. Salt Flat News

c. The Event

d. Private Eye

68. The band U2 did not visit Utah for more than 10 years because

a. Ticket sales were poor

b. Weird Irish nationalism thing

c. Back in ’82 some schmuck pegged Edge with a beer bottle

d. Too difficult to meander into a pub for a pint

69. Which of these locally themed films does not exist?

a. The Brine Shrimp That Ate Salt Lake

b. S.L.C. Punk!

c. Plan 10 From Outer Space

d. Angels and Seagulls

70. Which of these television series was not filmed in Utah?

a. Crossroads

b. Touched by an Angel

c. Knight Rider

d. The Stand

71. Since 1998, how many new movie screens have been added in Salt

Lake County?

a. 40

b. 57

c. 72

d. 106

72. Which of the following Utah professional sports teams won its league championship at least once in the 1990s?

a. Salt Lake Buzz

b. Utah Grizzlies

c. Ogden Raptors

d. Utah Blitzz

73. What star of a popular TV sitcom grew up in Salt Lake City?

a. Loretta Young

b. Roseanne

c. Lucille Ball

d. Ruth Todd

74. What Utah celebrity played Elijah Abel in the 1993 movie on the life of Orrin Porter Rockwell?

a. Merlin Olsen

b. Karl Malone

c. Robert Redford

d. Bernie Machen

75. What company is the LDS church rumored to be trying to purchase?

a. Kennecott Copper Mine

b. The Osmond Studios

c. The Salt Lake Tribune


76. What is the difference between a Utah scone and a British scone?

a. It’s a difference of religion. The British scone is Anglican

b. The accent, of course

c. A Utah scone is fried in oil while a British scone is baked

d. The flour used in preparation


77. What is the highest point in Utah?

a. Top of the LDS Church Office Building

b. King’s Peak

c. Brighton lifties

d. Mount Olympus

78. Has Salt Lake City always been the capital of Utah?

a. No, it was originally Cedar City

b. Yes

c. No, it used to be Fillmore

d. No, it used to be Deseret City

79. What percentage of land in the state of Utah does the federal government own?

a. 25 percent

b. 1 percent

c. 10 percent

d. 65 percent

80. Where was Ruth’s Diner originally located?

a. Next to the LDS Temple

b. In a train car

c. Across from a brothel

d. All of the above

81. Which of these was not originally a porn theater in Salt Lake City?

a. Ya’Buts

b. Spanky’s Cinema Bar

c. Cinema in Your Face

d. Megaplex at Jordan Commons

82. Antelope Island is home to what kind of animal?

a. Buffalo

b. Antelope

c. Range cattle

d. All of the above

83. Which is not only Utah’s first gay bar, but also the oldest gay bar west of the Mississippi?

a. The Sun

b. Deer Hunter

c. Radio City Lounge

d. The Trapp

84. What Utah town was the first to be settled by non-Mormons?

a. West Valley City

b. Park City

c. Corrine

d. Moab

85. What was the original name of the resort located where The Canyons ski resort now sits?

a. Cougar Mountain

b. Park West

c. Pilot Peak

d. Deer Crest

86. What downtown concert hall hosted some of the best-known bands of the ’60s and early ’70s?

a. The Terrace

b. The Cosmic Aeroplane

c. The New Grand

d. Basement of First Security Bank

87. Before the Tower Theater, what was Salt Lake Valley’s best-known art cinema house?

a. The Sandy Sphinx

b. The Blue Mouse

c. Utah One Theater

d. Salt Town Cinema

88. What Utah city had an all-Socialist government during the early part of the 20th century?

a. Provo

b. Murray

c. South Salt Lake

d. Salt Lake City

89. Which of these is not a Utah county?

a. Daggett

b. Juab

c. Lemuel

d. Wayne

90. Utah has more per capita than any other state.

a. Museums

b. Golf courses

c. Murders

d. Lawsuits

91. Which of these was not one of the finalist cities Salt Lake City outbid for the 2002 Winter Olympics?

a. Sion, Switzerland

b. Quebec, Canada

c. Ostersund, Sweden

d. Tarvisio, Italy

92. A ride from the south end of the TRAX line at 10000 South to the north end at the Delta Center will take you

a. 31 minutes

b. 39 minutes

c. 46 minutes

d. 54 minutes

93. About how many lakes are found in the Uinta Mountains?

a. 13

b. 33

c. 103

d. 1,300

94. What fast food chain was opened first in Utah in the 1950s?

a. McDonald’s

b. Arctic Circle

c. Dee’s

d. Kentucky Fried Chicken

95. Besides its geographic location, why is Utah’s southeastern area referred to as Dixie?

a. Because Utahns down there were sympathetic to the Confederate cause

b. Because of Southern-like hospitality

c. Because Brigham Young sent a delegation there to establish a “cotton mission” during the Civil War

d. Because of the tragic lynching of a black man in St. George

96. The most renowned annual Dutch-oven cook-off in the world takes place in

a. Logan

b. American Fork

c. Parowan

d. Panguitch

97. What is a Hatu?

a. The Native American Tribe that lent its name to Utah by merely reversing the letters

b. A word created by weather-wonk Mark Eubank to describe a particular Utah wind

c. Utah-speak for hot tub

d. Another in a series of Utah code words that have not yet been decoded

98. Who was the first mayor of Spanish Fork?

a. LaJuan de Juanetta

b. Stuart Reid

c. Alex Joseph

d. Matthew Caldwell

99. In 1972, what Utah ski resort opened with protestations from a group called Save Our Canyons?

a. Solitude

b. Deer Valley

c. The Canyons

d. Snowbird

100. Moab was known for

a. Uranium mining

b. Gold mining

c. Drug trafficking

d. Gambling<