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Vio Wolf


I have always been partial to drawing and painting, though I still love that orange crayon, I grew into bigger and better things. For the longest time my weapon of choice was a pencil and a black sketch book that held the things that sprang from the imagination, but art school has changed the weaponry, in fact, it has given me a broader arsenal to play with. I have studied as a sculptor but still use two dimensional works as well. Monsters and creatures are a large portion of what I create; I love to see things that don’t really fit into the modern space, to try and get viewers to take a second glance or double take on what they saw, to bring a bit of whimsy to a humdrum world that we often trudge through. This is the bases for the idea for the out of the box! I want to create something that will make people take notice a creature to stand on a street corner and bring a smile to those who see it and to make them feel a child like wonder.

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