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Voting a Patriotic Duty



Kirk Jowers brings excellent news in his Oct. 4 letter [“Outcome Not a Forgone Conclusion,” City Weekly]. He cites a recent U of U survey showing that most students plan to vote. He goes on to encourage more Utahns to vote, because the results are not certain and every vote could sway the results. But there is another reason to vote: citizenship.

I remember that when William F. Buckley was at his conservative best, running National Review magazine and hosting the weekly TV show Firing Line, he said that for most of his life he had backed ultra-conservative candidates who did not win. He did it anyway.

Buckley’s public revelation came upon the Goldwater defeat when, at that time, conservatism was as much out of the political U.S. mainstream as liberalism is today in Utah. Buckley went on to explain that, while he would have preferred Goldwater to win, he voted because he felt that if you believe in America’s political system, you must vote no matter the results.

When we respect the flag by voting, we are fulfilling our patriotic duty. Therefore, to all voting Americans, regardless of your politics or the outcome of the election, thank you for going to the polls and being part of the team.

Cottonwood Heights