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Wasted High School



Chris Buttars thinks 12th grade is a waste of time. What year was your wasted year of high school?

Stephen Dark: Being English, the American grade system confuses me. When I was 14, I failed my Latin exam and was sent to the bottom class of my grammar school. The school was only interested in candidates for Oxford University. My class was full of Sex Pistols fans, soccer hooligans, skinheads and jail fodder. Not much studying got done but lots of desk burning ensued.

Ted Scheffler: I graduated a year early, so I never wound up having a senior year to waste! I’ve managed to waste plenty of years since then, though.

Susan Kruithof: That’s just it—it’s all valuable. It’s not just credits we accumulate in high school. It’s memories, ideas and friends. I was different every year in high school. Each year added to the person that I was to become.

Marty Foy: Quick, somebody start a Facebook group called “Send Chris Buttars back to the 12th Grade.”

Lisa Dorelli: For me, seventh grade was a huge waste of time. Between gym class introducing the mandatory “Puberty Happens” class and regular health class, I’m pretty sure I learned that sex is OK after 3:15 p.m. on Fridays as long as you could shout “Annie, Annie, are you OK?” in the event someone chokes nearby.

Nick Clark: I didn’t get wasted until I went to college.

Jesse Fruhwirth: Only in senior year was I able to fully geek out and become a hard-core academic. Freshman year, I was still worried about being popular.