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We Do Laugh ... at Liberals


As a conservative comrade of Russ Milham [“Can You Buy a Sense of Humor?” June 10, City Weekly], I want to set things straight.

To say that conservatives don’t have a sense of humor isn’t entirely true. And, I was somewhat disappointed to find out you can’t buy one, but thanks for letting me know.

We do find things hilarious, such as the liberal concept of health care: Socialize it, and then the quality of health care we would receive would be extremely laughable. Better yet, let’s go all the way and socialize everything, and we can all laugh our a$$es off ... all the way to the bread line.

But seriously, not all conservatives are that extreme. As for my own conservative self, I have a bad habit of seeing both sides of the story. I hope your sense of humor can help you shrug this off, and you can realize that this is just an innocent jab.

In the end, you are right, we all need to take a step back and get a good chuckle from things every now and then.

Jeremy Thomas
Salt Lake City

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