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Wear a Brimmed Hat



Welcome to my world [“They’re Watching You,” May 21, City Weekly]. The world of the conservative who wants small government but is stuck in a big-government, evermore-intrusive world. The world, according to Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (who released that infamous report her month), of the Right Wing Extremist (RWE).

How does it feel to be on the sharp end of the big-government stick? You leftist socialist libbers wanted and voted for O’Dumbo, now we’re all stuck with him. The best restraint on any and all governments is to wean it off of our tax dollars, cut and eliminate three-fourths of all departments and agencies, and return it to its original constitutional mandates.

As it is, it may be too late to stop the current socialist juggernaut from steamrolling all of us and dictating to us every facet of our lives. It’s time to throw the occasional monkey wrench in the works. Purchase with untraceable cash. Wear a brimmed hat occasionally so the cameras can’t see your face. As the saying goes, “The government that’s big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it away.” And that includes privacy.  Yes, it’s a pithy old expression, but there’s more truth in it than fiction. Enjoy your Brave New World.

Bryan M. Woodman
West Jordan

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