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Well Done, Lawmakers



With respect to “All Hail Utah” [March 18, City Weekly], I’d like to thank Utah’s “gunslinging, fetus-protecting, climate-change denying” Legislature for a job well done. First, there’s gun slinging: The Utah Legislature has a better understanding of the Second Amendment than does Congress, and our crime rate indicates little problem with all these guns.

Second, there’s fetus protecting: Many claim to defend the weakest in society, and someone who has yet to be born surely qualifies in that area. The Utah Legislature is highly qualified as such a defender.

Finally, there’s climate-change denying:

Beware of those who claim “the science is settled” in this area. That’s the same thing the Catholic Church told Galileo when they charged him with heresy for claiming that the Earth is not the center of the universe. Those who claim the science is settled are truly the most closed minded and dogmatic of all.

An advantage of our federal system of government is policy differences between states. If one doesn’t like the policies in one state, he is free to move to another more to his liking. Population shifts in the last 50 years show a steady move away from the “gun-grabbing, fetus-killing, climatechange believing” states and toward states that think like Utah. States with more liberal policies have tended to lose population to those with more conservative policies. “We the People” have been taking advantage of our freedom and voting with our feet. “All Hail Utah?” Absolutely right!

John Howell
Department of Political Science & Criminal Justice Southern Utah University

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