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We'll Have a Gay Old Time

Favorite memories from Pride Weekend



What’s your favorite Pride Weekend memory?

Jackie Briggs: The moment Sydney’s dad saved the day and brought us a backup generator so could play some gay beats from our float (ours was busted). Also the entire Miss City Weekly pride pageant—man, that was a good time!

Kelly Cannon: Marching with my best friends, one of whom recently came out.

Colin Wolf: My favorite pride moment was at the Club Jam afterparty, where a drag queen told me that my horoscope sign means that I’m stupid. I then told her that horoscopes were stupid. She then lightly touched my face with the outside of her hand. I said, “Please stop touching my face.” I then tried to explain to her that touching face won’t result in my believing in astrology. We agreed to disagree.

Lauren Sisneros: Working with all of the queens for the 2012 Miss City Weekly Pride Pageant. They were all amazing and put on a fantastic show!

Jerre Wroble: Squirting a protesting Bible thumper at the parade (a few years ago) with a water gun because he said I was going to hell. How could a complete stranger be so sure I was forever damned? When I later complained about his remarks to a LGBT friend, she said, “Now you know my life.”

Rachel Piper: I have never been to Pride, but any weekend when massive, drunken crowds give me a viable reason to stay home in my dark Ogden apartment with the blinds closed is a great weekend.

Bryan Mannos: Hearing the same three songs echo in my backyard from the parade. Ump ump ump ump, “One more tiimmmeee ...”