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Whacking Day—Without Barry White



Curses, Foiled Again
Police investigating the theft of $400,000 worth of prescription drugs from a pharmacy in Upper Darby, Pa., had few leads until a man called to say he was concerned because he saw keys in the trunk of his neighbor’s car. The Philadelphia Daily News reported that officers responded, opened the trunk and found crowbars, a diagram of the pharmacy and a gym bag containing most of the stolen drugs with the neighbor’s name, Thomas Ferkler, on it. They arrested Ferkler, 43.

Elias Efremidis, 52, lived in Front Royal, Va., without incident for 21 years until he was arrested for shining a laser pointer at police. While charging him, officers learned Efremidis had been wanted in Massachusetts on drug trafficking charges since 1988. He was returned to authorities in Boston.

Always the Last Place You Look
After emergency crews rescued a man stuck in a toilet at a rest area in Filer, Idaho, he explained he couldn’t find his car keys after using the lavatory and reckoned they must have fallen in. The Twin Falls Times-News reported the man removed the base of the toilet and climbed in to search but couldn’t climb back out. “It took some lifting to get him out, and he had cut himself pretty good trying to get himself out,” Police Chief Cliff Johnson said, noting that while the man was rinsing off with a fire hose “he discovered the keys were still in his back pocket.”

Mensa Reject of the Week
Matthew F. Dugger, 21, was treated for shrapnel wounds at a hospital in Cape Coral, Fla., after one of the bullets he was hitting with a hammer in his driveway exploded.

Slightest Provocation
A judge in Lincoln, Neb., sentenced Carlos Lupercio, 49, to prison for firing a crossbow at his neighbor after the two argued about the breed of the neighbor’s dog.

• Police in Upper Darby, Pa., accused Lyndel Toppin, 50, of biting his fiancee’s wrist and attacking her with a kitchen knife after he “became enraged due to the victim not placing cheese on his hoagie roll correctly,” according to the arrest affidavit. “Wait until he gets a load of the prison food,” Superintendent John Reilly Jr. told the Philadelphia Daily News.

• Sheriff’s officials in Port Richey, Fla., said the 18-year-old driver of a car hit a 26-year-old passenger with a fish tank and then a beer bottle because the passenger refused the driver’s request to pay $3 for gas.

Whacking Day—Without Barry White
Hundreds of Australians in five communities across northern Queensland celebrated the state’s first “Toad Day Out” by killing thousands of poisonous cane toads. The Associated Press reported the hunt and accompanying festivities involved capturing the toads alive and unharmed and bringing them to collection points to be euthanized. “To see the look on the faces of the kids as we were handling and weighing the toads and then euthanizing them was just—” Townsville City Council member Vern Veitch said, his voice breaking off with emotion. “The children really got into the character of the event.”

Way to Go
Joseph Rusin, 87, died after he caught fire while riding his bicycle in Bethpage, N.Y. Fire official Vincent McManus said Rusin was apparently smoking a cigarette, which ignited the nylon jacket he was wearing.

• Haider Kadhim, an Iraqi soccer player on a local team in Hilla, was shot dead as he tried to score the tying goal in the final minutes of a match. Reuters reported that police arrested a fan of the opposing team in the crowd who they said fired a pistol at the player.

Living Dangerously
Authorities charged Charles L. Clemens Jr., 61, with bigamy after they learned he was married to two women in the same apartment complex in Overland Park, Kan. Court records show Clemens married his first wife 22 years ago and the second in January 2006.

Compiled from the nation’s press by Roland Sweet. Submit items, citing date and source, to P.O. Box 8130, Alexandria VA 22306.

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