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What do you think about February? Take it or leave it?



What do you think about February? Take it or leave it?

Nick Clark: February is the appetizer, March is the main course: St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, Liz Cornwall’s birthday, spring break—February’s got nothin’.

Paula Saltas: It’s the only month with “F” in it, so I effing love it!

Rachel Hanson: Valentine’s Day and my birthday are both this month—and the unlucky schmucks without a significant other or self-celebrating holiday can gorge on candy while enjoying TV’s guest star- and action-packed February sweeps.

Jesse Fruhwirth: Not being a skier nor a romantic, February offers me little besides smog.

John Paul Brophy: As the shortest month, it’s a fine bridge to spring, but I hate that the first ‘r’ is often dropped in pronunciation.

Josh Loftin: I survive thanks to winter beers, hot toddies, hearty stews, USU basketball, and the Super Bowl. Also, without February, nobody would appreciate spring.

Scott Renshaw: You have to love any month that would describe itself in the same terms as a grade-schooler: “No, I’m 28 and 1/4 days long. Sometimes 29.”

Rachel Scott: I hate February because the groundhog always sees his damned shadow.

Clayton Norlen: Love it and leave it. March has a better personality, anyway.

Ted Scheffler: I hate it because of the nitwit legislators. Thank Jah for Valentine’s Day, the month’s only saving grace.