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What Has Your Prez Done for You?



What has Obama done for you lately (or not)?

Alissa Wells: He lifted my spirits by slow-jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon. That was epic!

Colin Wolf: Yeah, sure, he’s done stuff, but all that matters is that he follows through with his word and fixes the damn BCS like he said he would. College football season is right around the corner.

Nick Call: You do not want to hear from me on this subject ...

Derek Carlisle: Nothing different than any other rich and powerful man does, but at least he continues to represent the United States in a way that sounds educated.

Rachel Piper: While this isn’t something he hasn’t done for me specifically, I’m disappointed by his dancing around the issue of gay marriage—which Joe Biden recently came out in support of. Obama’s pro gay rights and repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and by some accounts supported gay marriage when he ran for Illinois state Senate in 1996. So why is he waffling? I hope Romney’s flip-floppery isn’t contagious, but really it probably speaks more to the ineffectual nature of the presidential office—you spend the first year getting your feet wet and the next three years appeasing people so you can get re-elected. Maybe he’ll have made up his mind by 2013.

Scott Renshaw: I keep inviting him over for dinner via Twitter, but not even a “No, thank you,” so heck with that guy.

Kolbie Stonehocker: We’re about at the point where birth control will have to be purchased through shady dealings in an alley, so not much, apparently.