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What rights are you fighting for?



Gay rights get a lot of attention these days. What rights not yet attained are worth fighting for?

Julie Erickson: Health rights: The right to refuse medical treatment if you are a parent with a child who’s been diagnosed with cancer; medicinal marijuana; and the right to full health coverage.

Rachel Scott: My right to make sure those pesky Mormons don’t baptize me when I’m dead.

Christopher Westergard: Tall-people rights. Being a man of above-average height, I feel I need to stand up for others who have been cursed with this trait. People treat us like second-class citizens. This is most apparent at concerts, when people rudely ask me to move because they can’t see over me.

Susan Kruithof: My right to order some carryout beer from my favorite bar. My right to get inebriated after bars close is at stake here!

Josh Loftin: The right for people to marry their pets. Because, after all, isn’t that the next logical step after gay marriage?

Jesse Fruhwirth: The rights of those who live in developing, Third World countries need to addressed.

Jerre Wroble: Although the “right to choose” was attained in 1973, each year, state lawmakers across the country invent new ways to make safe, legal abortions more difficult to obtain.

Derek Jones: In this town, you basically fight for your right to live an abnormal life. And by abnormal, I mean normal, assuming you’re looking through the lens of common humanity and not the Urim and Thummim.

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