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What would Salt Lake City be like without City Weekly?


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“Boring, that’s my first reaction. It adds a little edge to the city, with interesting articles you wouldn’t read anywhere else. It has great informative value and great news value. Beyond the basic news, City Weekly takes it to the next level. They do investigative reporting, which is a lost art.”
—Vasilios Priskos, InterNet Properties founder

“Less interesting, as City Weekly does things no one else does. They have their own niche and cover certain things that wouldn’t otherwise be covered. Probably more than the mainstream media, they do press scrutiny, which is a good thing. ... The pop-culture scene wouldn’t be covered as well as it is. Because it’s a weekly, they have some in-depth stories that the daily newspapers can’t, mostly because of decreasing budgets and shrinking news space, because we don’t have the room.”
—Paul Rolly, Salt Lake Tribune columnist

“We’d know far little about what really goes on without the CW. It delves into details about matters important to our community, in ways that our mainstream press hasn’t done in many, many years. ... It provides a wonderful outlet for people who are fed up with some of the powers that be that never seem to be answerable to the people.”
—Rocky Anderson, former Salt Lake City mayor

City Weekly staff weighs in

Jesse James Burnitt: Bland, dry, tasteless and kind of crunchy. Like a reducedsodium saltine cracker.

Susan Kruithof: A Wonderful Life comes to mind. There would be green Jell-o bars, several variations of Chuck-A-Rama and Mitt Romney would be the mayor. Shiver.