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What Would You Go to Jail For?



What environmental cause would you be willing to go to jail for?

Bill Frost: The eradication of hippies.

Susan Kruithof: My dry and crispy lawn. We live in a desert; why we are all so hell-bent on keeping grass is beyond me. We should all get tax credits for not watering our lawn.

Rachel Scott: Stopping drilling for uranium in the Grand Canyon, drilling for oil in the Arctic, the needless slaughter of polar bears, seals, wolves, bears, bison, dolphins and sea turtles. You name an animal that’s endangered, or a potential oil cache, and I’m there!

Cody Winget: Self preservation.

Derek Carlisle: If it would change the laws for the better, I’d do it for any of them. I’m sure there will soon be a set of DeChristopher laws that make it harder to do such protests.

Scott Renshaw: I wouldn’t plan on going to jail, but if confronted with the people who keep lawn sprinklers running for public facilities after it has been pouring rain, things might escalate in that direction.

Rachel Piper: None. I don’t do jail.

Kolbie Stonehocker: The destruction of ancient archaeological sites. I can’t understand how some people ignore or just don’t realize how important it is to preserve our history.

Jerre Wroble: I feel my Inner Merry Prankster stir when it comes to stadiums and arenas that sell naming rights. With enough spray paint on a moonless night, you never know—the names of their corporate overlords might just f-f-fade away.

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