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What’s in a Nickname


In response to City Weekly’s April 30 cover story “Gone Baby Gone,” online commenter disgusted1 wrote: “I can't believe you would report such patently one-sided garbage and I will refer all my friends and neighbors to studiously avoid your paper in the future.”

Rant Control understands that such responses are practically obligatory from somebody with the nickname “disgusted1.”

By the same token, one would expect a thoughtful response from any reader named “Hmmm…”: “This ... is only one of many cases. I worked in the Utah Courts for several years, and saw case after case of this. It is not a one-time, one-sided event. … In Utah, citizenship is more important than blood ties.”

BlackMamba’s response, on the other hand, is somewhat less venomous than one might assume at first glance: “Not sure what you're angry about, Oh Disgusted1. The story, for me, is a sad tale of a poor, Mexican grandmother who wants to take her granddaughter back from foster care. She can't speak English, depends on DCFS to mitigate her visitation attempts and is understandably upset about the whole situation. A bureaucratic ride through hell. If it happened to you, you would want some publicity, too.”

Reader Philhur provided this input—which was anything but mere filler: “Why was the child placed with a good, white Mormon family, and why Bountiful of all places? Did anyone contact the Catholic church, or somebody in the Mexican community about this child?”