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What's Next, America?

Psychic readings on the occasion of the nation's birthday


It was on July 4, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was adopted and dated, committing the 13 American colonies to a course of action that would ultimately give rise to a new republic. The document described the colonies' intent to sever ties with England's King George III, but it also conveyed the ideals of a new government: that all men were created equal, and that they have certain rights given to them by the creator, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Sure, there are other dates that arguably seem better suited for America's birthday: Sept. 5, 1774, for one, when the First Continental Congress met, or July 2, 1776, when that body voted to declare independence. Or Aug. 2, 1776, when 56 brave souls dared to sign the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. There was still a Revolutionary War to be won, and so the date of Oct. 19, 1781, stands out as the day when major hostilities ended after the battle of Yorktown. Then, there's Sept. 3, 1783, the date when the Treaty of Paris was signed, and the colonies were finally, officially, granted independence from British rule.

Over time, though, July 4 became the date our forebears settled upon as the birthday of our newly minted nation. Maybe it was also a nod to honor three of the founding fathers who actually died on July 4: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Monroe. With parades, military jet flyovers, pancake breakfasts, picnics, concerts and fireworks, we mark the occasion with more pride and aplomb than most of us give our own birthdays. We gather with kith and kin. We grill. Drink. Slice watermelon. We wait for the skies to light up with bursts of explosions and colors. It's sort of a second birthday party for each one of us.

In honor of America's big day, City Weekly did what a good many do on their birthdays: consult astrologers or psychics to see what the year ahead holds. Who doesn't need a little insight right now with the year we're having? As such, we asked several local and nonresident psychics for their read of America's tea leaves, and their comments follow—and which we share as entertaining and thought-provoking possibilities.

Bottom line: There is much to hope for in the days ahead, if we can hold it together. Happy birthday, USA!

—Jerre Wroble

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Clairvoyant Tana Hoy
"Your heart is the place where the truth is"

Growing up in the small town of Lancaster, Ohio, Tana Hoy says that as a boy, he saw angels and spirit guides and even spoke to them. "I could actually see the spirit world as clearly as I see regular people in front of me," he says. He was able to distinguish his guides by the clothes they wore, for example, if they were dressed as pioneers or as Native Americans. By his early 20s, he said, he knew he wanted to offer psychic readings as his life's work. He's since relocated to Southern California where he's been a psychic to the stars and featured in national magazines such as Entertainment Weekly, Marie Claire, Star and others. He's also a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows.

If the USA were a client that came in for its 244th "birthday" reading, what impressions are you picking up? Are we still holding together as a country?
Yes, but it depends on who wins this next election. That will be the turning point the country goes in. The next election is going to have a lot to do with it. If we continue on the path we're on right now, it's going to be a very dark time.

What's the spiritual lesson of coronavirus pandemic for the U.S.?
To teach us and show us that we've got to start connecting more with each other and spending more time at home with our families. With technology, we've become so disconnected—we're dumbed down by our phones and computers. We've lost the ability to connect. We forgot about connecting. People don't have dinners together anymore. It's about bringing us all together and uniting us. That's the big lesson.

How long will the virus last?
I'd say February of 2021 is when we're going to see things get back to normal. Businesses will be open. Either we won't need to wear masks then, or we'll see the light at the end of the tunnel where we aren't going to be needing masks very soon after that. And a vaccine will be available.

Is the U.S. is facing an economic downturn due to the pandemic? Should people pull out of their investments or stay the course?
I'm staying the course and seeing what happens. Because what goes down must go up, and vice versa. I'm not a financial adviser and cannot get financial advice. But if my clients ask me, I would tell them that I think the best thing is for them to stay the course. That's what my guides tell me.

Do you think the current Black Lives Matter protests will bring lasting change?
The government's position is going to be a determining factor if it goes forward. So far, our government's position hasn't been so supportive. It's really going to be about politicians and the kind of support they will put behind it. My guides tell me they won't. Politicians will try to sweep it under the carpet and shut down this movement and have it make very little impact in the end. There's still a lot of racism in this country. Certain people aren't ready to make the change.

My guides say for people in the movement not to give up. To keep having your voice heard. No matter how much others try to sweep it under the carpet, they should bring it to the forefront. Refuse to be ignored.

Do you communicate with any of our founding fathers? If so, what is their message to America?
They're very disappointed with the current situation. They're shocked and can't believe some the things the president and politicians are doing and getting away with—not just our current president but a lot of presidents over the years. This was never their vision. They never intended for the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be changed and manipulated, and they're disappointed in certain politicians and people who have tried to do that—it's not what they intended.

How do we get back on track?
They tell me that we've always got to come from our heart. We've got to listen to our heart. If someone out there says something—no matter what position of power they're in—if it doesn't resonate with your heart, always go with your heart first. Your heart is the place where the truth is. They tell me the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written from their hearts, so if people will tune into their hearts, they will always know the truth.


Are you picking up any impressions for Utah?
Concerning The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Many people view the church as being very conservative or outdated in their views and attitudes. What we're going to find, especially in the next five years, is that the church will start progressing in their attitudes and will move ahead of other world religions—in a more progressive way than many would have thought possible. The changes are going to come quicker and more rapidly than you will see in any other religion.

I also predicted this 20 years ago, that Christian religions in this country are going to start losing members and will be fighting to keep members if they do not start preaching more love and acceptance and embracing of all people. Church members will leave and start seeking religion or spiritual philosophies that preach love—not hate and damnation.

Do you sense any pending environmental threats for America?
Regardless of what anybody says, my guides tell me: Global warming does exist. Whether people want to believe it or not, the truth does not change. If we do not start doing something to take care of this planet, the planet is going to strike back. Think "Ice Age." Mother Nature: You either work with her, or she cleans you off. It's real simple. The Earth is not going to let humans destroy it. It will protect itself and get rid of us first. We are only visitors being hosted here. The Earth is a living, breathing entity, and it will only take so much. It doesn't matter if you believe in global warming or not; it's real, and we're destroying the planet. The planet is still going to self-correct. We will not be part of the equation.

What can the average person do to make the biggest difference?
My guides tell me three things:
Stop using plastic and use biodegradable stuff instead.
Stop eating beef, because cows are among the biggest producers of methane gas on the planet.
Go electric and try to cut down on fossil fuel as much possible
I'm saying this without a personal agenda. I eat meat—but this is what my guides are telling me. We all can cut down on our usage worldwide.

Are there any further earthquakes coming to Utah?
Yes, another one is coming within the next five years, and it will hit between spring and fall—it's going to be a pretty big one. This is the Earth correcting itself. Another place that's going to suffer is Texas. My guides tell me that Texas will have some of the most severe weather conditions imaginable. Uganda is also going to suffer. And Indonesia will have another major weather disaster. It's all connected. All of these places are where the Earth is adjusting and correcting itself from global warming

Do you have any predictions about who will be elected president in November?
Joe Biden is who I'm seeing right now. If Biden does not win, it will be due to corruption. If the current president wins again, it will be because of corruption and not a legitimate win. This is what my guides tell me.

  • John Taylor

Astrologer Christopher Renstrom
"Here we swing like a pendulum"

Christopher Renstrom is a Salt Lake City-based astrologer, two-time Best of Utah winner as Best Astrologer and creator of Rulingplanets.com. His daily horoscopes appear in the San Francisco Chronicle. His latest book, The Cosmic Calendar: Using Astrology to Get in Sync with your Best Life will be published by TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House, in October 2020. You can pre-order it now on Amazon.

On July 4, 2020, there will be a lunar eclipse. Eclipses mark the period of time when either the Sun or the Moon temporarily disappear from view. In ancient times, eclipses were a great source of anxiety and fear. They were seen as warnings from the gods that something was up, and it wasn't good. Solar eclipses were connected to the fall of kings and lunar eclipses were connected to ills being visited upon the land—like a famine, plague, or social unrest.

Now, eclipses happen all the time—anywhere from four to seven times a year. But not all eclipses are alike. The most powerful eclipses are ones that are visible to the naked eye and that directly impact your birth chart. The lunar eclipse on July 4, 2020, will be visible in North and South America, and it occurs on the USA's 244th birthday.

America "was born" in the sign Cancer. And the Sun entering the constellation of the crab coincides with the summer solstice. This is when days are longest, nights are shortest, and you can sleep out under the stars if you like. Cancer is called the sign of the "good mother" because this is the time of year when Mother Nature provides. Summer is the season of abundance with roadside stands spilling over with ripe fruit and vegetables and when everything you could ask for is in reach. Think of the phrase "as American as Mom, baseball and apple pie," and you can see how these summertime themes are woven into our national consciousness.

Every zodiac sign is ruled by a planet, and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The planet of emotions, dreams and memory, the Moon is where we turn to for comfort and support. America's Moon is in the sign of Aquarius.

At first glance it looks like a disconnect. Aquarius is more cerebral than sentimental, its demeanor is cold and distant, and finally, Aquarius is a Utopian sign, which means that it believes in a society where everyone is treated fairly and where the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

It sounds like a socialist's wishful thinking until you remember that our country was founded on the enlightenment principles of freedom, democracy and science—and not the absolute authority of kings, the church or the rich. We, the people, were charged with the responsibility of determining the way a society should be governed. That is the whole genesis of the American experiment. But we haven't always made enlightened choices.

It was former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who said that America was born with a birth defect: slavery. Add the massacre of Indigenous peoples and the exploitation of migrant labor, and it was only a matter of time before the chickens came home to roost. And that time is now. Astrology is more about timing than fate, and one glance at the stars ahead show that the day of reckoning is at hand. Do we give up on our American experiment, or do we rise to the occasion of our democracy?

Months ago, calls to implement health care for all, expand the social safety net, and enact social reform seemed radical in scope. Now—thanks to the perfect storm of COVID-19, mass unemployment and displays of police brutality—these "liberal" notions appear as commonsense solutions.

The Sun in Cancer is as committed to the past and tradition as the Moon in Aquarius is committed to the future and innovation, and here we swing like a pendulum between the two. However, this time, we will be swinging more toward progressivism because of the upcoming Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on Dec. 21. It will be a time of revolution and change—which makes sense since that's exactly what was happening on July 4, 1776. But it's important to remember that revolutions aren't just about overthrowing people in power. The word "revolution" was originally an astronomical term used to describe a planet completing a single orbit around the sun. And indeed, more revolutions—for all their sound and fury—often lead people back to where they began. If we want to break this vicious circle, then we must learn from history and stop repeating it.

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Psychic medium Betty Pegues
Angels are pushing us past our destructive energies

As a professional psychic, Betty Pegues offers guidance to those in need of clarity and direction in their lives. For the past 14 years, she has done readings in private and at events, fairs, fundraisers and private parties. The creator and host of SoulWorks Psychic and Holistic Fair, she mentors psychics who are new in the field. In the past, she's been a professional chef and has co-hosted and produced two radio shows, but being a psychic has given her the greatest joy. "I love what I do," she says. "It's my joy, my passion, my purpose, and I can't imagine doing anything else."

Archangel Ariel oversees the planet Earth and all of its creatures. Her role is to protect the Earth, its natural resources, ecosystems and all wildlife. This angel no doubt has a huge task on her hands these days, but I believe in the angels and their abilities to steer people in the right direction. For Archangel Ariel, that includes giving guidance and support to those who look to protect the Earth and the animals. We may think we're destroying the Earth, and all that we see happening to it would give good cause to believe so, but if I had to be a betting psychic, I would put my money each time on the angels pushing us past our own destructive energies and behaviors—especially Archangel Ariel in this matter. There you have it.

As for who will win the presidency, I'll say this: It was a perfect storm for President Trump to win in 2016, and it's now become a perfect storm for him to lose in 2020. If I were as a betting psychic, I would bet on him losing.

It's not a prediction but a gut feeling.

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Psychic Suzanne Wagner
Pluto says 'change or die!'

Growing up, psychic Suzanne Wagner assumed that everyone could see and hear the things that she did from a young age. She gradually realized that others did not have the same abilities. In fact, she decided by age 6 that adults had disconnected from their divine and highest self. She vowed not to make that same mistake. A teacher and author of many books, she uses a variety of tools to help her clients including astrology, numerology, tarot, channeling, palmistry, meditation, yogic skills as well as healing and breathing practices. She uses her skills to assist clients in understanding who they are, where they are in their journey, what they need to work on and what their goals are in this lifetime.

Happy Birthday, America!
Our country was "born" on 7/4/1776, and in the numerology, this country's Gift Number is the Number 4, bringer of harmony and balance. Our country was formed to be the bridge of hope to the world. That is the heart and soul of this country; we are a country that strives for fairness and justice at all costs.

America also had the Destiny Number 5, which is to be a healer and teacher of the world. We came in to ground a new way of government where all sides are considered and heard, to be a stabilizer in a world of chaos. We came in to be a force of good where all ideas were to be honored and integrated. We were to be that melting pot of greatness that has steered the course of this land for centuries.

And this year, the number that rules the U.S. is the Number 6, which is associated with introspection, quiet, being the "hermit" and reflecting on what next steps are before us. Choices and decisions made in reaction, without reflection, never give you what you want. Careful consideration must be given to the choices and actions as we move forward.

America's Pluto Return
While astrology is not necessarily perfect nor is it a pure science, it is a process of seeking ways to explain the world and to predict circumstances that arise. It attempts to make sense out of the patterns and cycles inherent in all of life and tries to explain the subtle energies that influence us on a daily basis.

Astrology is a science for poets and metaphysicians as they attempt to explain the complex patterns that arise from its combination of mathematics and astronomy.

Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, transformation and change. It takes Pluto approximately 300 years to come full circle in any country's astrological chart. And the U.S. is clearly in the powerful grip of Pluto's dynamic "grim reaper."

A Pluto return is about change. Pluto says, "You will change, or you will die!" It is that simple to Pluto. He has no tolerance for things that limit or imprison reality. Pluto shows us what holds water and what no longer serves.

Pluto also offers a rebirth. Pluto is a liberator, inspiring the young to motivate the old who are stuck in their ways. Pluto intends to bring in a new world.

But before that liberation, Pluto in Capricorn historically symbolizes those who attempt to institute control utilizing various forms and methods. Americans are designed to resist that type of control. I know that the energy of freedom fighters in the hearts and souls of our people will resist further incursions into our promised liberties.

We're still dealing with the lingering effect of the planet Saturn conjoining Pluto, which took place this past January. Typically, this combination brings economic contraction and a massive shift in power structures. It's a moment when the younger generation refuses the patterns of fear and control that defined the older generation.

Both planets are designed to clear the way. Saturn wants to get rid of what is not working. Pluto wants to wipe the slate completely clean and start over. In the negative sense, these planets will ripen karma and make things visible that had been carefully hidden.

In the most positive sense, both planets want to bring about tremendous healing. After all, they both value common sense. That gives me hope.

Astrologically, this moment holds a powerful mirror designed to reveal America's shadow. If we can find the way to unify and stop the division, then we can avoid an ugly reckoning.

And should we suffer an environment crisis, economic collapse or another "worst case scenario," it can only ignite a powerful sense of purpose in this country.

The question then becomes: Will we regain respect in this world? Will we choose to lead the world into a new age? Or will we fade into the sunset, just another Camelot, lost to time?

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Psychic Ross D. Gigliotti
Buckle up!

Ross Gigliotti is a hypnotherapist, NLP certified health practitioner, personal coach and psychic who does readings at the Golden Braid bookstore.
801-244-0275 direct line
801-322-1162 to make an appointment at Golden Braid Books

The next six to nine months are not going to be for the faint of heart, and the light at the end of the tunnel may just be smoke and mirrors.

Cards indicate, as far as the pandemic, we will "breathe easier" around early spring of next year, about the same time as the shutdown began this year.

Political leaders nationwide are "politicizing" themselves into the proverbial corner, not knowing what to do and still not owning their shit. Not sure yet what follows. Eye of current storm will hit around spring 2021 as well giving everyone a short breather to collect their wits before the next round.

Cards say "change sucks, but it's necessary" and is long overdue. The country as a whole is experiencing severe growing pains, and it will take each individual in the U.S. to actively participate to bring about a healthy change.

It's going to be exciting to say the least. More to come.

  • Niki Chan

Intuition expert and psychic Margaret Ruth
Are we really OK with social disconnection?

Margaret Ruth is a psychic regularly appearing on regional and national radio and TV, and she currently teaches tarot, palmistry, numerology, reading people and psychic experiential classes for the University of Utah Lifelong Learning department. You can buy her book, Superconscious Relationships: The simple psychic truths of perfectly satisfying connections, on Amazon. Her articles have been published in Huffington Post, Astro Girl, Catalyst Magazine, Salt Lake Magazine, Intent.com, and Salt Lake City Weekly and more.

Dear wondrous City Weekly readers, Thank you for the great questions. I have some for you.
This spring, I was able to re-experience what it's like to live with a young soul just starting to learn a musical instrument. The heartfelt dissonance heard from this musician's efforts to achieve the notes, the chord and the expression enlivened me and gave me hope that the student would achieve the harmony and purity he sought.

It should be noted, though, this musician was not young in age and, in this case, was already a professional double bassist with more than 40 seasons with the Utah Symphony! The sound heard was produced from the same instrument he used for all those years.

Last winter, "Mr. Ruth" seriously contemplated taking a vacation from his regularly scheduled job to spend personal time honing and improving his practiced and established—some would say accomplished—technique.

Prescient—yet without understanding the exact form and magnitude of the mass event yet to come—he already sensed that this tear-down of old habits would give way to a reconnection to something more in harmony with his aspirations. Voila! Forced time off. He was able to respond to becoming unplugged from the usual structures with positive individual action.

Not many enduring this traumatic mass event were as ready to do these individual actions of deadwood-removing and cobweb-clearing.

The Structure: For some, preexisting life structures and associations have not only disintegrated but, worse, the foundation and floor beneath them has disappeared. Many find themselves descended into a cellar of the inner self, not knowing who they are without the structures, the jobs, the health level, the people, the authority or the routines they have been committed to. For those, the sense of de-construction has felt like de-struction.

Some thoughts (each a chapter unto itself): My current understanding is that this shift is about noticing, acknowledging and accepting individual differences (even within yourself) on multiple levels of human experience. The recent horrific event broadcasting the continued racism demonstrated by too many citizens of this country is an example. Here are ideas to ponder.

Authority vs the individual vs a community: For eons of human experience, when those in "authority" faced uncertainty and unrest, they have effectively used fear, isolation and lack of shared information to maintain control of the population.

Question: What kind of communal information is most helpful to imbibe in and to contribute? If the political authority at hand cannot honestly address people's concerns, there's a choice then to continue to absorb this type of transmission or stay isolated from all communication.

Another approach is to generate personal energy to support your surrounding community with the best you have offer. One way is to share helpful scientific, spiritual, artistic and communal information (not from the media or the political/power "authorities"). Paradoxically, at the same time, accept the inducement to explore that inner self of yours—something we New Agers like to go on about—aka the cellar. Yeah. There it is.

Social distancing vs physical distancing. Why is the current jargon incorporating the phrase "social distancing"? Why is this not called "physical distancing"? Are we really OK with social disconnection? When you observe those neighbors who continue to hold parties and get-togethers, acknowledge that it is impossible to meaningfully achieve social distance for conscious beings in this particular human experience-reality.

It is, however, possible to maintain personal and communal connections without close physical interaction, which is what research and health professionals in Utah advise. It seems a better intention to maintain social connectedness and be OK with concurrent physical distancing. That is worth thinking about.

Yin vs yang: This concept is aligned with those parts of the self such as the anima/animus or feminine/masculine. As many of you know, the energies of yin and yang are most flowing when balancing, incorporating and learning from the other—and not opposing.

Other differences worth contemplating:
• Core individual essence vs old habits and structures
• Self-destructive vs self-constructive
• Differences vs conforming/sameness
• Hoarding vs sharing—similar to isolation vs immersive shared experience
• Constraint vs freedom
• Disconnectedness vs connectedness vs interconnectedness
• Honoring vs fear
• More clear air and water vs less polluting activity

Questions for you
Will you be all right during this dramatic shift? There are two or three generations extant that have not yet experienced past deprivations from world wars and the scourge of such things as polio. But we're now experiencing consumer rations, limited movement and opportunities, quarantines and the isolation of selected groups.

It's important that you access that inward-looking, feminine part of the self and ask what you want to be.

Be—that is the correct idea—asking your inner self about what you prefer to be now and in the future. Also, ask if you have to wait to be this self.

For those of you who are able, understand that the more people contribute—by seeking to be peaceful, helpful, connected, whole, stable, supportive, confident, healthy, accepting, communal and proactive in positive directions—the better we all will be as the trauma of this event gradually fades.

It will take time. Time. There are those who are thriving in their businesses. There are those who are fulfilling purposes that they had set for themselves earlier in their lives. And there are those willing to retreat to their individual studios to break down and revive their technique. Would you like to take this opportunity to become more yourself—more appreciative, more in love, more in harmony with not only community, but also more importantly with your highly personal choices?

It is an interesting question that you get to figure out for yourself in your studio. Know, though, that we are all enlivened by your efforts to become more in tune with your real self.