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What's Prettier?



Which is the prettier picture: an older man married to a young woman, or an older woman married to a young man?

Ted Scheffler: Well, being an old fart married to a pretty young gal, I politely decline comment …

Lia Pretorius: I’m not touching this one with a 10-foot pole!

Jesse James Burnitt: If it’s a young gold digger and an older paycheck, it’s just plain ugly. Truly happy couples make a pretty picture, regardless of age, race or gender.

Bryan Mannos: Either woman, a bale of barbed wire, a pony, two bottles of whiskey, a harmonica in the key of C, gummy bears and a Eurail pass …

Melisa Hemond: Neither. Love is just that: love. Be it one older, one younger, same sex, etc.; to me, love is beautiful in every way!

Paula Saltas: As long as I’m in the picture, you know it’s pretty.

Josh Loftin: Good: Hugh Hefner and his Playmate “wives,” because who wouldn’t want to wear a bathrobe all day? Bad: Warren Jeffs and his celestial, underage “wives.”

Kathy Mueller: Wasting away again in Cougaritaville ... always a pretty picture.

Jeff Reese: I have been in both scenarios, and I would say that the maturity level of both people determines how pretty the picture is—though it seems more socially acceptable for the man to be the older one.

Jesse Fruhwirth: Marriages of any sort are rarely a pretty picture.

Leo Dirr: An older woman shacking up with a younger man ... definitely. If you’re an older woman reading this, I’m not saying anything about my personal preferences (or am I?).

Scott Renshaw: The pretty picture is of any two people who are married and in love. And also, maybe, the chick is wearing something slutty.

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