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What's your favorite local dining place?



It’s the Dining Guide, silly. What’s your favorite local dining place?

Jeff Reese: I love Cindy Lee Cafe. They have the best pho, and everything else is amazing. Once you go, you’ll be hopelessly addicted and will have a hard time eating Asian food anywhere else.

Jerre Wroble: The spicy, flavorful lunch buffet at Ganesh is like Mom’s home cookin’ (if Mom were from India).

John Paul Brophy: They may not be PC for barbecue aficionados, but the beef ribs at Draper’s Goodwood Barbecue Co. are just great!

Jackie Briggs: Mazza! You can splurge and get wine and a meal for around $15. The 9th and 9th location is so romantic but casual. It’s the perfect high-low combination. Also the staff is bangin’.

James Burnitt: Vertical Diner! Great for breakfast (all you can eat pancakes!), lunch or dinner. Full vegan menu with a great beer and wine list.

Heidi Weggeland: Hires is my all-time favorite. They have the greatest BLT ever.

Christopher Westergard: I am obsessed with Takashi. Every time I go, I order the same thing, the green papaya salad, Buddha roll and spicy muscle shooters. The food at Takashi is earth-shatteringly good, plus I love Wendy who works there!

Nick Clark: Fratelli makes going out to eat in Sandy tolerable with its Gorgonzola gnocchi.

Julie Erickson: Cucina Toscana. There is nothing like authentic Italian food in the presence of an authentic Italian. Valter, you make all of my Italian dreams come true!