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When was the last time you rode a cab?



Assuming you really needed one, and besides the ones we buy you when leaving City Weekly parties, when was the last time you rode a cab in Salt Lake City?

Steven Wells: Last weekend, I grabbed one after giggin’ ... I take them all the time. Much cheaper than a DUI.

Leo Dirr: I ride cabs to the airport, ’cuz I’m a true vagabond. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to know.

Bryan Mannos: After paying for a DUI defense (not mine), a cab is cheap insurance. Oh, and I do it for the children!

Rachel Scott: About two years ago, Halloween. We flagged down a cab on its way to pick someone up and bribed the driver with $20 to take us to another party. I still don’t understand why cabs can’t pick people up off the street here. It’s crap, I tell you!!

Ben Rosch: I have never taken a cab in Salt Lake City; I always ride in limos.

Susan Kruithof: I’m loving the joys of having children who can drive: “Honey, mommy is way drunk. Come and get me!” Great bonding time.

Jesse Fruhwirth: The last time I rode in a cab was on my birthday, after which I couldn’t tell north from east, nor the Avenues from Sugar House. But for a cab, I may have taken a never-ending nap in a snowbank, somewhere on the west side.

Nick Clark: Last Saturday from Murray to the Green Pig for the 2009 Seradawn Pub Crawl ($30 plus tip. Thanks, Dan!).