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Where Would You Go?


Have you thought about leaving Utah? Where would you like to go?

Bryan Bale: I might move to Arizona one day, if only to get out from under the oppressive thumb of that cursed daylight saving time.

DJ Moody: I have thought about it, and the most ideal places would be Panama, Portland, Ore., Austin, Texas, Vancouver, B.C., or Denver.

Rachel Piper: I’m too much of a baby to leave my parents, who are here in Utah, but as a sun-worshipper I wouldn’t mind a relocation to California or Texas, where I’ve also got family and winter doesn’t exist. I’d spend a couple months in London each year to get use out of my beloved coats and boots. Hey, anyone have a billion dollars I could borrow?

Kolbie Stonehocker: Utah’s bone-cracking winters and brain-frying summers make me long for my favorite weather: perfectly depressing fog and rain. So if I ever get the chance to leave, I’ll probably move to Washington, my home state. Or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Rachael Stapley: I’ve left the ’Tar several times but always seem to find my way back. Home smog—I mean, sweet—home.

Austen Diamond: I used to want to live in Margaritaville when I was in college—until I went to Key West. Word to the wise: Never, ever eat anything called a “conch fritter.”

Jerre Wroble: The problem with this question is I now need a long relaxing road trip to determine the best “new” place to land. No more darts thrown at the map for me.

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