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Which Dog Fits You?



From smart phones to shoes we put a lot of thought into choosing just the right fit for our lives. The same doesn’t always apply when it comes to choosing a dog. Too often we choose the cutest one, the one we saw in a movie, or one we heard had a “perfect temperament.” Whatever the reason we choose a dog, it’s vital to do our research since this will be a family member for a decade or more.

Temperament, size, age, activity level, health, and grooming needs all should be considered when choosing which breed is right for you.

Too often dogs end up in shelters because that cute little puppy grew to be bigger than expected. The bigger the dog the more space he needs, the more he’ll eat and yes, the bigger the dog the bigger the poop.

Some breeds make good lap dogs, needing less exercise. Some are high-energy and need hours of physical and mental exercise in a day. So consider your life style. If you’re a high energy person choose a dog who can keep up with you. If you tend to kick back and relax most of the time don’t expect every breed to be happy just chilling out.

Age is also vital to consider. A puppy is a full time job. If your a busy person consider giving a home to an older dog who already knows some of the basics such as house training.

Whatever the reasons you choose the dog you do, make sure to do your homework ahead of time so you end up with just the right fit for years to come. 

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