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Winter Isn't Coming

8 spoilers from the upcoming Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones



8. Plot threads from the little-known George R.R. Martin novel, The Sword & The Fire Beaver, are introduced.

7. The Meereen fighting pits are shut down once more and replaced with Daznak's Comedy Dungeon.

6. Tyrion's opening-night stand-up set at the Comedy Dungeon receives mixed reviews.

5. In Braavos, Arya finally kills the Thin Man with a Red Lobster seafood platter. Not poisoned, just a regular Red Lobster seafood platter.

4. Ever-shrewd Jon Snow recruits the Hell's Angels and ISIS to help out at The Wall.

3. In the North, having run out of offspring to burn at the stake to please the gods, Stannis resorts to torching interns.

2. Surprisingly few rapes, decapitations and non-intern sacrifices.

1. Daenerys and Drogon the Dragon set up their HBO spin-off series, Dany & Drogy: The Neverending Story.