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Winter TV Finales

32 sign-offs in 6 days


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Breaking: All of your stories are taking Christmas off; most will return January 2013. Here’s how they’re saying buh-bye this week:


Last Resort (ABC) Winter Finale: Sam and James leave the island on a “rescue” mission, but they’re really probably looking for new jobs (Last Resort is still canceled).

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) Winter Finale: something weepy and near-medicine-related, no doubt.

Scandal (ABC) Winter Finale: Something weepy and near-politics-related, no doubt.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) Winter Finale: Rejected by Leonard for a D&D game, Penny finally gives in to Amy’s persistent lesbian overtures. (Correction: This is a synopsis for Cinemax’s late-night Bang-Bang Theory.)

Two & a Half Men (CBS) Winter Finale: Another “filthy” episode without Half Man Angus T. Jones, what a coincidence.

Person of Interest (CBS) Winter Finale: Finch and Reese are left on their own when the Bad Guy Computer crashes during an iTunes 11 upgrade.

Elementary (CBS) Winter Finale: Sherlock solves a bank robbery in exactly 55 minutes (extra time due to scarf indecision).

Up All Night (NBC) Winter Finale: The last episode before NBC adds a laugh track, which has worked out so well for Whitney and Guys With Kids.

Glee (Fox) Winter Finale: The gang celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah and the Mayan Apocalypse! So many songs to ruin!

The Vampire Diaries (The CW) Winter Finale: There are evil plans afoot for Klaus & the Hybrids, which I’m assuming is a new local techno band.

Beauty & the Beast (The CW) Winter Finale: Catherine suspects Vincent might become more animal than human, though he’ll still be prettier than her.


Saturday Night Live (NBC/CW30) Winter Finale: Botox enthusiasts Martin Short and Paul McCartney ring out the final SNL of 1986, er, 2012.


Survivor: Philippines (CBS) Season Finale: It’s down to the Final Three hairiest survivors. Then, a winner, a reunion and the announcement of Survivor: Tampa.

The Cleveland Show (Fox) Winter Finale: This is still on? Huh.

The Simpsons (Fox) Winter Finale: In a holiday shocker, Grandpa is forced to move in with the Simpsons. Obamacare!

Bob’s Burgers (Fox) Winter Finale: Bob inherits a storage unit for Christmas, only to find a bum (Zach Galifianakis) living in it. Today’s special: The Ho-Ho Hobo Burger.

Family Guy (Fox) Winter Finale: Peter tells his version of the Nativity story. Gather the kiddies ’round!

American Dad (Fox) Winter Finale: Grandpa Jack tells his version of the Krampus story. Gather the kiddies ’round!

Dexter (Showtime) Season Finale: Will LaGuerta finally learn that Dex is a serial killer, making her pretty much the last person in Florida to figure it out? Say hi to Doakes, Maria.

Homeland (Showtime) Season Finale: Oh, I give up …


How I Met Your Mother (CBS) Winter Finale: It’s a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion when Seth Green drops by! But not really.

2 Broke Girls (CBS) Winter Finale: Max and Caroline finally discover the perfect market for their cupcakes: stoners. This took a season and a half?

Mike & Molly (CBS) Winter Finale: Remember my disbelief that The Cleveland Show is still on?

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) Winter Finale: George Takei guests for the second time in Hawaii Five-0’s 44-year history … so that’s something.

Gossip Girl (The CW) Series Finale: After six seasons, the identity of the Gossip Girl is revealed: a bored mommy blogger in Staten Island.


Happy Endings (ABC) Winter Finale: The gang finally learns that Jane’s birthday is on Christmas Day! So many ways for this to get inappropriate.

Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23 (ABC) Winter Finale: Chloe drags June and James along to crash a party in the Hamptons. So many ways for this to get felonious.

Private Practice (ABC) Winter Finale: Something weepy and near-alternative-medicine-related, no doubt.

The Voice (NBC) Season Finale: Still can’t name any previous winners, can you?

NCIS (CBS) Winter Finale: Lighthearted nautical crime and Christmas hijinx your mom will enjoy, East Coast-style!

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) Winter Finale: Lighthearted nautical crime and Christmas hijinx your mom will enjoy, West Coast- style!

Vegas (CBS) Winter Finale: Ralph suspects the mob had something to do with a local contractor’s murder. Nothing gets by this ol’ ranch hand.

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