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Wives Call the Shots



I enjoyed the humorous satire “Sister Thou Shall Go” [Deep End, Dec. 3, City Weekly]. I do have a comment. I have always noticed in my workplace that men generally feel their wives are the head of the household, not the other way around. I, too, feel that this is the case within my own family—my wife really is the one who calls the shots.

Those who feel the LDS Church oppresses women might want to consider this: that without males being the only ones holding the priesthood, there really would not be much use for us men in a family setting, except to help pay bills or procreate.

Women do so much, and with good reason. I watch my wife and other women and notice that they are simply good at just about everything they do. It is already well-known that females are practically born to multitask, and I believe it.

Bottom line—try to see the bigger picture of why the church operates the way it does. If women had the priesthood, too, wemales would feel pretty much useless.

Robert Soule’
Salt Lake City