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Woodshed Blues Jam

Also: The Westerner & Murphy’s



Blues Jam: The Woodshed
Some bars had to lure customers in with drink specials, but since the powers that be have put the kibosh on drinking on the cheap, those bars may very well fail. Fortunately, places like The Woodshed (60 E. 800 South), with ample patios, great historical locations and friendly bar staff, will continue to do well. With the addition of a Blues Jam every Wednesday at The Woodshed, its value has increased all the more. There really isn’t a more aptly named venue to hear some local musicians wail about their woes than a place called The Woodshed. Go out back and listen to the sorrowful songs and hoist a beer (and whiskey) in solidarity with the soul men (and women). The jam kicks off at 9:30 p.m. Wednesdays.

Bullride Karaoke: The Westerner
Friday is “ladies night” at The Westerner “Dance Hall, Bar & Grill” at 3360 S. Redwood Road in West Valley City, and though it may seem a bit far away for some, the attractions are worth the drive. You might be able to guess what “ladies night” at this Western-themed bar means. If you said, “bikini bull-riding contest,” you’d be correct. Free pool and karaoke all night in the Karaoke Room makes it all the more worthwhile of a destination for those who can’t stop singing while in their dancing boots.

Murphy’s: Still a Step Down
If you’re starting your north-to-south Main Street pub crawl at the Beerhive Pub, the next logical stop is Murphy’s (160 S. Main) which is still a “step down” in bars. You have to visit it to see what we mean. But fresh, homemade corned beef and a Guinness are sure to raise your spirits a notch or two at this downtown mainstay watering hole.




Hot Shots from Murphy’s:
1. Jacqueline Crezehar, Eric Tee, Will Cheng, Jessica Gilmore, Laura Ballard, Kaellen McCrane, Zooey Gerard
2. Kaellen McCrane, Jacqueline Crezehar
3. Zooey Gerard, Eric Tee, Laura Ballard

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