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World Cup Drinking Game

Eight rules in the new drinking game The Ocho made up to celebrate the excitement of World Cup Soccer.


8. Every time you spot a player haircut so ridiculous that even a Juggalo or a Muppet would laugh, take a shot.

7. Every time the game clock seems to almost synchronize with anything that’s happening on the field, take a shot.

6. Every time a player is taken out with a career-ending shin bruise, take a shot.

5. Every time a stray chicken, goat or referee wanders onto the field, take a shot.

4. Every time a goaltender or random fan appears to awaken from his nap, take a shot.

3. Every time an announcer refers to soccer as a “sport” rather than “a leisurely jog in pretty shorts,” take a shot.

2. Every time a play ends with no score, take a shot. [Please designate a sober driver. —City Weekly legal dept.]

1. Every time a game ends with no score, kill the bottle. [Please pre-notify next of kin. —City Weekly legal dept.]

Bill Frost:

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