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You Should Have Asked Me



On Dec. 1, 2010, I started as a volunteer basketball coach at East High School. After reading your Sept. 1 cover story [“Bad Call,” City Weekly], I was disappointed that you didn’t take the time to interview me. Having been around basketball in Utah since 1970 and a high school coach for 29 years, you’d figure that my experience might have been helpful in writing that article. Also, after becoming part of the program, I was at the varsity practice more often than all three of the other coaches combined. Since the dynamics of a team and how players interact with coaches is formed during practice time, my viewpoint could have been enlightening. My observation of two of the “incidents” in the story was completely different than that of Gianni Ellefsen. His inexperience as a boys coach caused the one problem, and the other was much more complicated than he knew it to be. During the year, I never observed anything but proper conduct by Coach Lowe toward his players.

Charlie Whiting