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Culture » Out of the Box

Zachary Franzoni


My primary idea for the box would be something primarily figurative, or bodily. Much of my figurative art resonates with people on at least two levels; first, they are oftentimes taken aback by the variety of limbs, the contortion of different bodily parts and an almost altogether unrecognizable human body. Secondly, they critically engage the amount of detail in the patterns and shapes that oftentimes substantiate my pieces. What I would love to do on the box would be to make a bodily figure that forces the observer to really connect with the art. By this, I mean them circling around the piece, trying to figure out where the arm goes or how the neck twists and turns and how everything is very intimately interrelated within the bodies. City Weekly is a publication that definitely disrupts the normalized presentation of 'news', however defined, and I feel my art would complement and exaggerate your continuing processes of de-normalization within the context of mass media and art.

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