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Zionized 97: 'Play' at Discovery Gateway



The Play exhibit at Discovery Gateway was found by a recent attendee to contain some uncomfortable political themes.

Wendy Osborn of Sandy declared that the exhibit has a "damaging political agenda" in a letter to the editor she sent to The Salt Lake Tribune.

"The exhibit was bizarre, like Alice in Wonderland, but the kids had fun. However, when my friend pointed out an exhibit description on a wall, I realized this was a politically charged exhibit focusing on the 'collective experience.'

"Collectivism has reared its head in ugly forms, such as communism, socialism and fascism. It seeks to make the individual unimportant and instead makes collective decisions for the group. Kind of a one-size-fits-all policy."

City Weekly decided to investigate to see if the exhibit's message coincided with Osborn's views.

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