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Women's Art Center Changes



Some of you may have heard about it, but for those who haven't, there's some major staff changes happening over at the Women's Art Center.  The majority of their staff are packing up and headed out.  And of course I wanted to know why and find out what's happening to the Center, so I gave our old friend Cat Palmer a buzz to see what the story is. ---

Cat Palmer (with hubby Blake)

Hey Cat, how you been?

Cat: Really good and busy with art and getting ready to have a baby

What's with the changes going on at the Women's Art Center?

Cat: We have a new group of ladies coming in to take over The Women's Art Center.

Gavin: Who is leaving from the group?

Cat: Myself, Cat Palmer & Amie Tulius.

Gavin: What were the reasons for the departures?

Cat: Well, I always knew I wanted to resign in May since I have the Utah Arts Festival in June and a baby at the end of August. We are all volunteers at TWAC and Amie Tulius (current Director) dedicated the year she wanted to to the Center. We had been looking for the right people for months.

Gavin: What's everyone going off to do?

Amie is writing a book (she has her Master's Degree in this!) and has her creative juices flowing. Amie is also getting married to this fabulous guy named Jared.

Gavin: Is anyone sticking around?

Cat: Yes, Erin Menut the Yoga Coordinator is.

Gavin: Who is coming in to replace you gals?

Cat: Emma Ryder, Addie Ryder & Jessica Fahey are taking over the Center and will be running from June on. They are amazing women with an extensive background in art. I am really excited to see where they take The Women's Art Center

Gavin: What can we expect in the future from the Center?

Cat: Definitely more cool new boutique items! Regular business operating hours and new art from new faces and more original ideas.

Gavin: What about you. What's on the horizon?

Cat: I am focusing on more of my freelance work with portraits and weddings. I am hoping to be a stay-at-home mom and just do photography and art. I am expecting a baby boy at the end of August beginning of September and could not be more happy. Also, Iao Gallery has picked me up and is representing me. They are located on 500 west next to Artspace. Come out and say hello at the Utah Arts Festival June 26-29th.

Gavin: Anything you'd like to add about the changes?

Cat: Amie and I are just so excited for Emma, Jessica & Addie. These women are so intelligent, creative and driven. Tell everyone to watch out and expect some amazing changes!

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