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Crystal Antlers: Noise, Glorious Noise


For those who prefer their live shows cranked to 11, please to enjoy the following show tonight at Kilby Court. 7:30 p.m. Kiddies welcome!

Every time Jonny Bell sings it sounds like he’s just passed a kidney stone, or smashed his fist through a plate-glass window. The driving howl behind Crystal Antlers' raucous psychedelic noise complements the swirl of marching-band drum rolls and Moog organ purging some kind of monster. It’s that wounded-animal vibe that raises the Long Beach band above its over-hyped hipster brethren. Their new full-length Tentacles is a welcome follow-up to the Crystal Antlers EP—a glorious mess that, if overly fine-tuned, might just dilute the groveling intensity that makes them so much more than just another indie band with a retro groove. Stay the course, boys.